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Commercial Security Systems and Services

Commercial security systems and services used in a modern business.

Finding an appropriate security solution for a commercial premises can be a difficult task. Unlike a home, commercial properties have multiple people entering and exiting, from staff and associates to clients and customers. This means the opportunity for a thief or saboteur to slip in is much higher.

The fact that most commercial properties are vacant at night and often house valuable equipment like computers adds additional risk. Fortunately there are a range of quality business security solutions available to help protect your commercial property, some of which we’ll explore below.


Video surveillance is an excellent way for businesses to catch theft and misconduct, capable of providing reliable and precise evidence. You can choose from a range of options based on your needs including:

  • Hi-resolution colour cameras
  • Digital video recorders (DVRs)
  • Infrared cameras
  • Pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Day and night cameras

Whether you operate a corner store or a petrol station, video surveillance can help protect your business. An experienced commercial security expert, like the team at Twenty First Security in Melbourne, can help assess your specific needs and recommend the best commercial security cameras for you.

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Security Alarm Systems

Security alarms also come in a variety of forms. Once again, the right solution depends on the degree of security you want and what kind of threats you face. For example, if someone could break into your commercial property through a shop front window, glass break sensors or magnetic reed contacts are ideal.

Depending on your needs you could also have smoke and heat detectors, motion sensors, strobe lights, sirens or panic switches installed.

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Access Control Systems

When it comes to limiting access to a building or restricted areas of a building, access control systems offer a sophisticated and efficient solution. These systems allow you to go beyond simply restricting access to visitors and staff members. A computer log allows you to track who enters what areas and for how long.

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24 Hour Surveillance Monitoring Services

Ensure appropriate action is taken if an alarm goes off at your commercial premises while you’re not there with security monitoring services. This involves having experienced operators on standby 24 hours a day, ready to dispatch the nearest patrol officer, police, fire brigade or ambulance to attend the scene depending on the situation.

The control room watches your security system for alarm conditions, responding to emergencies when necessary and notifying you of potential faults with power or back up batteries. 24 hour surveillance services are ideal if you’re looking for reliable, highly responsive after hours or constant monitoring of your commercial property.

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How to Choose a Security Solution

To determine an appropriate security solution, consider factors like:

  • How many people access the building - A small office that customers don’t visit won’t have the same security needs as a large retail store with customers and staff going in and out at all times.
  • Location and lighting - Your security needs will differ if you’re on a bustling street in the middle of a city compared to a warehouse in a quiet industrial estate.
  • Work hours - Businesses that operate at night, such as a restaurant, will require different security measures than an office building that is only active during the day.
  • Risk - How big of a target might your business be? What kind of valuables are kept on the premises? Your security needs depend on the risk level. If low, an alarm and security lights might suffice. If it’s high, you might want outsourced remote monitoring.

If you need help choosing the right security solution for your commercial property in Melbourne, contact Twenty First Security today. With over 33 years of experience, we can offer you security advice, products and services you can rely on.

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