What Are the Types of Outdoor Security Cameras?

Protecting your property with outdoor security cameras can be a fantastic addition to your overall security. Not only do they keep their eye on the premises and record footage, though they also act as a powerful deterrent.

There a lot of options on the outdoor security camera market – some of these options are great and some should be avoided. Included are a selection of outdoor cameras that can be used effectively for commercial and domestic security purposes, along with advice on what to look for.

Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

Wireless options exist which can be easier to install. Keep in mind that just because a camera states it is wireless, they still require a power source and this can often come in the form of power cable. Generally, their wireless feature is that they transmit their video and audio data wirelessly. Some wireless cameras do transmit their data wirelessly and also use batteries for a truly wire-free option. If going for a battery-powered option, make sure to keep an eye on their battery life.

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Solar Powered Cameras

Solar powered camera options exist for a potentially wireless camera or a method to get power to the camera in a place that can’t be easily accessed. These generally include a small solar panel that charges its internal battery. Like anything solar-based, they are reliant on the sun and constant shade can become a problem for them. If installing a solar powered camera, ensure that its panel receives as much sun as possible.

IP Cameras

An IP camera (internet protocol camera) is a form of digital video camera. As the unabbreviated name implies, this camera transfers video data and receives control inputs by use of the internet/networks.

These cameras include an impressive array of features that can be useful for commercial and domestic purposes. These features include and are not limited to:

  • Remote storage options.
  • Remote viewing access.
  • HD recording.
  • Can be powered over Ethernet.
  • Video data encryption.
  • Two way audio.

Many IP cameras on the Australian market are made to endure the outdoor elements, with water tight and UV resistant cases.

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Be Aware of Inferior Products

Not all security cameras are created equal. Cheap knockoffs do exist along with generally poor constructed cameras and they can cause a range of headaches for the user.

Some of these cheaper cameras have poor quality seals that aren’t water tight after basic usage. This can lead to the camera being damaged and failing if water is to get in.

UV resistance is an area where some cheaper or not suited cameras can fall short too.

Given the harsh climate of Australia, a well constructed outdoor camera will make a big difference to its lifespan and how useful it will be for you.

If you require advice about the ideal outdoor security cameras for your needs or are after a quality security camera, contact our expert team at Twenty First Security. Our fully trained and qualified technicians have decades of industry experience behind them and can advise you in-depth about the best security cameras to suit your situation.

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