7 Tips for Preventing Package Theft

The convenience of packages delivered straight to our door is undeniably fantastic. While this convenience offers a significant improvement to our lives and the ease of shopping or gifting, unfortunately some opportunistic thieves can take advantage of packages being left at premises.

According to a survey by Budget Direct in 2021, 1 in 10 Australians mentioned they have had packages stolen from their property. Then stats from Pureprofile paint an even worse picture – 1 in 4 Australians have had packages stolen from their property.

Nobody wants their packages to be stolen. To help prevent package theft, we’ve created a list of tips you can implement to deter and stop thieves at your Melbourne premises.

Make Use of Delivery Notifications

Many delivery services will send you a text on the day or before your package is about to be delivered. These can also allow you to reply to notify delivery staff that you won’t available at the property that day and can then arrange an alternative drop off.

Install CCTV / Security Cameras

Security cameras and CCTV are very effective deterrents for stopping criminals before they even attempt a theft. If a theft is to occur, they can also help you catch the criminals involved with footage that you could provide to the police.

A wide range of security cameras are available on the Australian market. Their features can include high resolution video capture, night vision, IP / internet connections and protection against the elements. Remember too that not all security cameras are made the same – cheap knock offs from overseas could end up causing more headaches then they’re worth. Twenty First Security supply and install a wide range of high quality security cameras that have been tried and tested in Australian and Victorian conditions.

Interested in having the ideal security cameras installed to suit your residential, commercial or government property in Melbourne? Contact our team at Twenty First Security and we can guide you on selecting the best security cameras for your situation, plus we’ll install them using quality methods and methods. With over 33 years of experience in Australia with security products, we know what works and what doesn’t work for Australian conditions.

Install a Motion Sensor Light

Install a security motion sensor light on the entrance way and where packages would be left at your property. If you don’t get home before dark, this can help deter opportunistic thieves from entering your property. Generally the last thing opportunistic thieves want is to be highly visible in the act.

Be Prepared for the Delivery Day

Keep up with any notifications that you receive from your delivery service and try to be at your delivery address when the package arrives.

Ask a Trusted Friend or Neighbour to Accept Delivery

If you won’t be around when your package is going to be delivered, ask a trusted friend or neighbour if the package can be delivered to their address instead.

Use a Lockbox or Parcel Container

Place a lockbox or parcel container on your property in a safe position that can be used for any deliveries. In terms of options, there’s heavy duty variations that can be weather and tamper resistant. They can also feature multiple ways to be opened, like a pin code, remote opening, key or padlock fitting.

Australia Post also offer a free parcel locker service, giving you 24/7 access to their secure storage where you can pick up your package at any time.

Use Signature Confirmation on Delivery

Request that signature confirmation is required on delivery. If somebody is home, they’ll then need to sign for the package before it can be handed over. If nobody is home to sign, the delivery provider will then return it to the depot, nearest post office or where appropriate, rather than leaving it at your property.

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