4 Security Trends in a World with COVID-19

The city of Melbourne, along with the rest of the world, attempts to slowly return to a sense of normality with COVID-19 and its seemingly endless lockdowns for some. As a homeowner, business owner or both, security has really changed due to the pandemic. What will security look like for your home and business? What security technologies are coming onto the market? Read on to find out more.

Increase Of COVID-19 Related Scams via the Web and Phones

During the first lockdown in Victoria, cybercrime like COVID-19 scams on the web and via phones (texts and calls) increased. These try to scam people out of their well earned money. They use phishing tricks, malware and dodgy products. These of course still pose an ongoing threat as scams become more sophisticated so you must stay aware and vigilant. Good security habits at work, the home and online are always worthwhile.

Touchless Security Systems

Given what we now know about viruses like COVID-19 and how they spread easily, people are wanting to avoid touching security systems or any surfaces wherever possible. Now thanks to technology advancements you can with touchless security systems – contactless biometrics. These allow you to use technology like facial recognition which doesn’t require you to touch anything. Masks have then furthered development in this area. New systems are immerging that can recognise users even while they wear a mask. In addition, there are key card systems that allow you to place a key card near a sensor without having to actually touch it. These systems are becoming more and more popular among businesses and organisations, particularly with efforts to keep workplaces safe and running well.

Smart Security Systems

Along with touchless security systems, smart security systems which are already in place across millions of Australian households are growing in even more popularity. These allow you to manage and monitor your entire security system remotely through your smart phone/tablet. You don’t even have to physically be at the location. You can do it all at the touch of your screen which is remarkable. Over 10 years ago this technology was seen as futuristic and now it’s ‘normal’.

Man’s Best Friend – The Dog

During the second Victorian lockdown in 2020, dog adoption hit an all-time high. Dog popularity has continued to grow and in some cases, demands for new dogs have exceeded breeder’s supply.

Dogs can be amazing to help protect a property BUT please keep in mind that dogs need a lot of love and affection, along with requiring a high level of commitment and responsibility. If you can’t or are not prepared to give it, it’s best not to get a dog. Though if you are prepared, you’ll find that a dog can be one of your best deterrents against crime. Just its bark can scare off a would-be intruder. Do research first to find the best breed for your personality and lifestyle.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed security and the way we view the world forever. People are turning to more devices that allow them to avoid touching surfaces. Scammers unfortunately aim to take advantage of the pandemic, preying on internet user’s fear. Additionally, dog ownership has risen, providing great companionship and in some cases security for many people. Remember that good security practices and habits are always useful, whether at your property or online.

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