4 Security Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe during the Easter Holidays

Planning to head away on holidays during this Easter? Australians are well known for loving their holidays and Easter is no exception. With a 4 day weekend in Victoria, many people are choosing to go away camping, visiting new areas, catching up with loved ones and travelling interstate.

While people going away on holidays generally have good intentions, these holiday periods of the year can unfortunately be a time for opportunistic thieves to strike. These simple security tips can help you protect your property during the Easter break.

When Away, Don’t Post Publicly on Social Media

It is very tempting and understandable the desire to share photos and videos of your holidays with those you’re connected with on social media. Avoid posting on social media though while you’re away. Criminals have been known to use this information and target the homes of those that they know are away. Chances are you may not know absolutely everyone you’re connected with on social media. Also, if you make your social media posts public, this information could unfortunately fall into malicious hands.

If you really want to share your adventures with those close to you, contact them directly while you’re away. Private messaging keeps the conversation and details between you and them. Also consider sharing photos or any other media when you’re back from being away.

Bring the Bins In

Bins left out on the curb can be a sign to opportunistic thieves that nobody is home. If you’re bins aren’t in dire need of emptying, consider keeping them in and off the curb until you’re at home for the next rubbish collection date. Alternatively, ask your neighbours, friends or family that you trust to bring the bins in for you while you’re away.

Use Security Lighting (Automated Lighting Works Great Too)

Have the entrances and exits to your property well lit. Many thieves do not want to be lit up while they attempt to break into a house. Motion sensor lights can be useful in these situations too. There are also modern systems that allow you to set when your lights will come on in the evening. This can give the image that someone may be home, further deterring thieves.

Secure Your Home with Good Locks

Good locks on your doors and windows make a big difference. Some thieves may be deterred just by encountering a lock that is challenging to break. Would be lock pickers may find their amateur tools break or are ineffective against high quality locks.

Locking up your tool shed, garden shed or garage is another good security effort. Not only could they take the valuables of your shed, though it could also provide a burglar exactly what they need to get into your house. If you have a second story house, a ladder from your own storage shed could be utilised by criminals to gain access. Throw in a crowbar or various tools from your shed and they could be busting in through a second level or unexpected method. Don’t give house thieves a chance!

Though remember, good locks are only useful if you actually lock your doors and windows. Remember to lock up before you head away!

Following the security tips of not posting on social media while you’re away, using good locks, bringing the bins in and using security lighting can protect your property while you’re away during Easter and during all times of the year. These simple security methods can give you that peace of mind to focus on what’s important – enjoying your holidays.

From the team at Twenty First Security, have a fantastic Easter.

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