Why Businesses Need to Remember Physical Security

Staying on top of your cyber / computer security is absolutely important, though too often we see businesses forget about their security on a physical front.

After all, cyber security measures can be made useless if someone is able to simply walk into your building and steal drives, devices and equipment, or if a staff member is careless and loses a device.

Poor physical security of premises can lead to more than just theft of equipment. If a malicious person is able to obtain the sensitive data of your company, this could incur massive detrimental costs to not only the finances of your company but to the reputation as well.

Instilling Security Conscious Behaviour in Your Staff

Make a security-conscious attitude part of your work environment and educate your staff on your security practices and technology, along with their benefits. Mobile devices like smartphones, laptops and external hard drives are portable and easy to move around, making them more susceptible to theft. Consider encrypting devices that are provided to staff with strong passwords, helping prevent unauthorised physical access.

Monitoring and Controlling Access to Your Premises

Access control systems are one of the strongest forms of security you can use to protect your property. They include and are not limited to key card based systems, keypads and various powerful keyless systems.

Various access systems allow you to monitor who, when and where people access your business’s areas. These can be combined with a quality Australian surveillance monitoring service to enhance your security further by making sure your premises are monitored at all hours.

If you’re looking to confidentially discuss and upgrade the security of your business, our skilled team are here to help, with over 33 years of experience. Contact our security team now for expert advice and solutions.

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