6 Home Security Tips for Older Australians and Seniors

For many older Australians and seniors, retaining independence and living at home is important. Feeling safe in your home and having help easily accessible is important. To work towards improving your safety around home, follow these 6 home security tips for older and Australians and seniors.

Light Up Entrances to Your Home

Lighting up entrances to your home can be a very effective deterrent for criminal activity. Make sure every entrance to your home and buildings The last thing many criminals want is to be lit up in plain sight while they’re attempting a break in. Complement this with other forms of security like CCTV and criminals won’t be keen about being easily visible and recorded.

Use Quality Secure Locks

Implement high quality secure locks on the doors and windows throughout your home. A high quality lock can make a big difference towards stopping opportunistic thieves. A high quality lock can require intricate specialised tools to break and in most cases, criminals may not have the tools or skills to pick these locks.

Personal Alarms

Personal alarms are easy to wear devices that can be used in case of an emergency, such as a fall or if you notice any active criminal efforts in your home. Some personal alarms can also detect if a fall has occurred, providing extra care assurance for yourself and peace of mind for your loved ones.

CCTV and Security Alarms

CCTV and security alarms are fantastic additions towards securing homes for older Australians and with that, any home owners. CCTV and visible wall mounted alarms create a deterrent to ward off criminals. CCTV can help apprehend people involved in criminal activity towards your home.

Secure and Easy to Use Access Control

Make your home security with easy to use access control systems. Digital keypad locks on doors remove the need for a key. Various systems allow you to track when someone entered your property and you can even set schedules for when the gate to your property will be open. Schedules can be useful if you have carers and cleaners visiting at certain times of the day.

Get a Consultation from a Security Expert

If you’re looking to take your home security a step further or want many of these tips performed for you, consider a consultation from a security expert. Use an Australian licensed security technician and consultant that has significant experience in the industry. Our team at Twenty First Security have been helping home owners throughout Melbourne for over 33 years. We can advise and install security measures suited to your property and needs. If you’re interested, send your enquiry or call us on 1300 315 522 to start improving your home security.

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