Why Layered Physical Security Is Important

Greatly enhance the security of your property by implementing layered physical property. With multiple security elements combined, you can help prevent and stop your property being the victim of criminal activity. This strategy is useful for businesses, not-for-profits government and home owners.

What Is Layered Physical Security?

Layered physical security is an approach to your physical security that uses multiple elements or “layers”. This is often significantly more effective than a single security measure.

An example of this for a business could be a high fence around the property, camera surveillance, an access control system on all doors, locked windows and monitoring on any cameras or alarms. Similar systems could be used for a home or not-for-profit.

Why Is Layered Physical Security Important?

An effective layered physical security system detects, deters, prevents and provides time until responders arrive. Even if an initial layer of physical security is breached, intruders may have then been detected, alerting first responders. Additionally, they would have to breach more layers of security to get anything worthwhile, giving first responders time to arrive and intervene.

An opportunistic thief may be completely deterred by a complex security system. For example, a storage business could be surrounded by tall metal fences with barbed wire. This could be complemented by access control systems on the external gates and internal doors, security cameras, well-placed lighting, locked and barred windows, plus security monitoring or patrol services. Seeing all of this, an opportunistic thief may decide that it is definitely not worth the extensive risk and time consuming process.

What Can I Do to Layer My Security?

You don’t have to implement every one of these security options. Plus, there’s many more methods out there. What matters is that every addition can be an effective improvement to your overall security.

  • Have an external gate that people need to open to get to your yard or front door? Install a heavy duty locking mechanism on this gate, like a padbolt or a hasp and staple. Some of these locking mechanisms include an area for a padlock, further increasing security. Remember to use locking mechanisms that are rated to deal with the outdoor elements, which could be galvanised or made of stainless steel.
  • Quality access control systems are another very effective method to keep your external gates locked. They can then be programmed to grant access at specific times of your choosing or if a user has the appropriate keycard or device to grant access. Some access control systems can also log when entry is attempted and gained.
  • Tall fences can be very effective at obscuring the view into your property. They can also deter criminals from entering your property and make it difficult for them to quickly escape, further deterring them or giving first responders a time to catch them or surveillance time to gather useful footage.
  • Well-placed lighting can be a very effective deterrent and help with detection. Criminals don’t necessarily want to be obvious.
  • Cameras are powerful deterrents and can help police apprehend criminals, if you record footage.
  • Security patrols and security device monitoring. Security patrols regularly visiting your property can deter and catch criminal activity. Complement this with security device monitoring, such as 24/7 monitoring service of your cameras and alarms. When monitored, you can be alerted to any suspicious activity right when it occurs. Additionally, some services can alert the authorities as part of your monitoring, when applicable. Twenty First Security do offer a 24/7 security monitoring service that has the ability to alert the authorities if an alarm condition were to occur.
  • Lock your windows, install security screens on windows or use windows that can’t be opened anyway.
  • Alarms. If an alarm is triggered, this could notify you or the people monitoring your security system. Additionally, an alarm may cause a criminal to make a run for it, rather than hanging around and risk being caught.
  • Lock internal doors and containers with valuable items. Even if a thief or malicious person manages to break in, make it even more challenging for them by locking any internal doors, containers and safes where valuable items are stored. This can reduce their desire to search everything and provide more time for first responders to arrive.
  • Security signage is an effective deterrent to help stop any activity before it occurs. Warn people that they could be filmed, the property is monitored or alarms are set throughout the property.

If you’re looking for even more ideas to boost the layers of your security, take a look at the Victoria Police website. Read their useful information on preventing home burglaries and what to do if your home has been broken into. If you’re running a store, read their information on preventing shop theft and what to do if a theft occurs at your business. The business advice can be applicable to various types of businesses.

Use Layered Physical Security to Protect Your Property

Layered physical security is an effective strategy for protecting your property, whether commercial, not-for-profit or residential. It doesn’t necessarily have to be overly complex and include every bell and whistle either. What matters is that each step you take can further boost the protection for your property.

If you’re in the Greater Melbourne metro area and are looking for a consultation or high quality security products to suit your property, Twenty First Security can help. With over 33 years of experience in the Australian security product industry, we know what works well in our environment. Enquire with our security team today to find out more.

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