When You’re Going Away, Keep off Social Media

Lots of people love what social media has brought us, being able to update friends and family with our new special moments easily and keep in touch with those close to us. While this level of digital connection does provide many benefits for people, we should be aware of the privacy or security issues that could arise from improper use.

Multiple surveys and studies over the years have unveiled that quite large amounts of social media users will post about their holidays while they’re still away. According to Suncorp, it is particularly more common among people between the ages of 18 to 35 to post about their holidays (around 50 percent of this user demographic). This method of showcasing one’s current holidays to the world may come back to bite some people, as burglars often use this information to confirm if people are away from their home. Educate your children and those close to you that posting about their current holidays on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can have drawbacks. Focus on enjoying your holidays and you can share the details with your friends and family afterwards.

External of not publicising your holidays on social media while you’re away, there are other things you can do and be proactive with to protect your property. Don’t leave your bins out and let your mailbox get overfilled while you’re away, as these are two pieces of information that a burglar can use to see if a home is unoccupied. If you do need to have the rubbish taken while you’re away, ask a trusted friend, neighbour or family member to put out and bring your bins back, and also check on your mail and leave it somewhere safe for you to collect when you return. You can also invest in smart light technology to create scheduled and randomised lighting throughout your house, giving the appearance that someone is home and moving through rooms.

A home and business security professional can also assist you with methods to protect your home and any other properties you own, such as if you have a business or any properties for storage. Home security systems are available that provide a fantastic addition for protecting your property and deterring thieves. These can include visible security cameras and burglar alarms. If you’re in Melbourne and looking to enhance the security of your property, particularly if you’re going away, contact our team at Twenty First Security for a no-obligation discussion about your requirements.

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