Business Security Systems to Keep Your Employees Safe (Part 1/3)

As the security system landscape is constantly evolving, staying up to date with the latest trends and technology is important. This not only ensures you stay ahead of the game but also helps keep your premises safe and ahead of potential criminal activity.

However, one increasingly important consideration is that while keeping your premises safe is important, keeping your employees safe should be at the top of the list for business owners.

Throughout this three-part series, we offer several ways that a commercial security system can help address this:

Establish monitoring polices through video surveillance

By implementing the correct video surveillance and 24-hour monitoring set up (through CCTV or other means), business leaders will have insight to be able to retroactively monitor any issues that may arise. The typical benefits that can be realised include:

  • Managing internal staff safety and compliance
  • Harassment prevention
  • Unwanted third party involvement
  • Suspicious activity

Video surveillance in the workplace will ultimately allow you to operate with more effectiveness while limiting the liability as the business owner. Twenty First Security offers 24-hour monitoring of your security system from our state of the art Grade 1 central monitoring station in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This grading is the only one which can ensure a police response to an alarm condition. Read more here.

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