Are Burglar Alarms Actually Useful?

Nobody should have to suffer the negative experience of having their business, organisation or home broken into. Stopping thieves is well worth the peace of mind, safety and financial stability it can create. To stop someone breaking into your home, what can you do? Are security systems and burglar alarms really needed?

According to Budget Direct, Victoria saw 28.9% of all burglaries that took place in Australia within 2017 and a working alarm system is regarded as one of the most successful deterrents (next to a barking dog which is listed as the top deterrent). If you’re getting serious about protecting your property, then a quality burglar alarm is a great addition worth considering.

Options for Businesses and Homes

A business and home have different requirements and can be prone to different burglary attempts. When reviewing if you need a burglar alarm, you should consider the different requirements of your environment:

  • Industrial areas can be very quiet at night with nobody around. This lack of people actively in the area at evenings can be enticing for robbers. Security systems in these areas can be incredibly useful.
  • How many ways can someone get into your property? Consider all entries and exits and a system to cover these. Alarm sensors can be placed on windows and various surfaces.
  • How do you want people such as staff or your family to access the property and bypass the alarm as need be? Keypads and various access options are available.

A Visual Deterrent

When placed outside and in visible locations, burglar alarms can act as visual deterrents, which scare off burglars before they even attempt a break in.

Monitored Burglar Alarms

Specific alarm systems can be monitored either by yourself or staff and there’s even security monitoring services available.

Alarm systems are available to inform you by phone call, text or similar messaging options as soon as an intrusion is detected.

Monitoring services exist that ensure someone is overseeing your security (cameras and alarms) for break ins and other alarm conditions. When selecting a monitoring service, ensure that they are of Grade 1, which is the only grade that can ensure a police response to an alarm condition, such as the Grade 1 24 hour 7 days monitoring service from our team at Twenty First Security.

Identifying the burglar alarm to suit your premises can be tricky. When you’re in need of professional advice on the matter, our fully qualified team have the expertise and over 33 years of Australian security experience to help you select products that will effectively help protect your property and we’ll even install it for you. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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