Tips to secure your business premises over the holidays

8 Tips to Secure Your Business Premises Over the Holidays

The holidays are known as the happiest time of the year. However, crimes such as theft and property damage spike during the holiday season. While business owners are taking a well-deserved holiday, criminals take advantage.  

Twenty First Security is a Melbourne-based specialist in electronic security and surveillance. We have over 30 years of experience helping businesses and organisations just like yours with commercial security systems in Melbourne. This holiday season, protect your place of business with these 8 tips:

8. Install High-Security Deadbolts

Deadbolts are a physical security standard that protect exterior doors. A deadbolt that is properly installed will guard your business against attack, even from a very determined trespasser. A security specialist can help you choose the most secure deadbolt for your business.

7. Use an Alarm System

A modern security system takes many different steps! First the system senses events, such as motion in a room. Next, it decides if this event poses a threat. Finally, the alarm system acts on that decision. It notifies the proper authorities while the alarms sound. Twenty First Security is proud to be a provider of top-notch Bosch Security Alarms in Melbourne.

6. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are used for two basic purposes: investigation and deterrence. If a crime or an accident occurs, the images collected with the security cameras can help a business owner review what happened and communicate with authorities.  However, the cameras themselves are also a huge deterrent. When people know they are being watched, they tend to be on their best behaviour. 

5. Downplay Your Vacation

Taking an extended vacation? As a business owner, it’s crucial to communicate your holiday hours to clientele. But if your business is going to be empty for extended periods of time, there is no need to advertise the fact! Instead, phrases like, “Closing for holiday maintenance and upkeep” or “Closed for stocking and inventory” allow customers (and potential intruders) to think that people may be inside the building, even when you’re not open. 

If you’re going on a vacation, wait until you get home to post pictures on social media. Criminals are more likely to target a business when they know the owners are many miles away!

4. Install Motion Lights

Motion lights are an affordable solution that can fool burglars into thinking that a building is occupied.  When motion lights detect movement, they light up large outdoor areas. This can scare people away before they get too close to enter your business.

3. Update Your Locks

If your building has recently changed location, it’s important to update your locks immediately. This stops previous owners from using their old keys to access all your equipment and merchandise. If you recently fired an angry employee or had a “bad breakup” with a business partner, this might be another good reason to update your locks. 

2. Consider DIY Video Monitoring

Business owners who want to keep constant watch of their property often install video monitoring systems. After the initial setup, a business owner can monitor their business themselves. DIY security is a solution that saves time and money during the holidays. Twenty First Security is a top choice provider of 24 hour surveillance monitoring in Melbourne.

1. Twenty First Security Solutions

If you’re searching for business security systems in Melbourne, get in touch with Twenty First Security. Our people take pride in going above and beyond to ensure that your security needs are taken care of. 

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