Property Security Tips for Rural Homes around Greater Melbourne

Living in rural and more remote areas can be fantastic. You’re surrounded by nature with a lot of space and privacy to savour. Plus, you could even have some livestock, depending on your location.

Like any property, security is still important. Rural properties can be at risk of theft and malicious damage, given their potentially remote and secluded nature.

If you’re living in one of the more remote and rural areas and satellite cities / towns surrounding Melbourne, like Sunbury or part of the Yarra Ranges, then these tips are for you. These tips can also apply to rural businesses, such as farms and supply yards.

Place Lighting on Entrances and Exits

Lighting fitted to entrances and exits of your property, gates or buildings can illuminate criminals and deter them. Plus, these can help you with visibility at night time.

Motion sensor security lights can be very effective for deterring criminals and alerting people to intruders. Solar powered options exist, as do wired versions. Motion sensor lights can be great for alerting neighbours to someone entering your property if you’re away. They can also be energy efficient at points, as they only come on when they detect motion. Find out more about motion sensor security lights.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are a very effective feature that deter criminals and can also capture footage, which could be provided to police in the event of criminal activity.

Solar powered security camera options exist that work well in the Australian environment. These are useful if you have a large property where installing power cables could be difficult and expensive.

A wide range of security cameras exist on the market today. These include IP cameras, which connect to the internet and can allow remote access. Low light cameras can capture footage at night.

Use High Quality Locks

A high quality lock goes a long way. Make sure all windows and doors throughout your home, any external buildings and gates have quality locks fitted where appropriate. Locks are a great deterrent and can stop a thief there and then.

Depending on the conditions your property experiences, consider using locks that are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and corrosion. Locks are also available that include protection for the shackles against cutting and components that reduce the ease of picking the locks.

Get Help from Your Neighbours

If you have neighbours that you get along with well and trust, you could ask them to keep an eye on your property while you’re away. Automated security sensor lighting could help here if they can see your property from a distance, alerting them to anyone visiting your property.

Don’t Leave the Bins Out

If you’re going to be away for some time, don’t leave the bins out on the street. Empty bins left out for some time can indicate that nobody is home, potentially encouraging thieves and criminal activity. If the rubbish does need to be taken out while you’re away, ask friendly and trusting neighbours if they can put the bins out out and/or bring them back in.


Living rurally has great perks. Fresh air, nature and lots of space. Whether you’re living rurally or in a city, keep in mind though the value of having good security measures in place to protect your property. From quality locks, to security lighting, to cameras and friendly neighbours lending a hand, to even not leaving the bins out – all of these measures can help protect your property from malicious damage and theft.

If you’re looking to improve the security of your property but not sure where to start, speak with a qualified and licensed security product provider and technician in Australia. The skilled and licensed team at Twenty First Security are here to help homes and businesses throughout Melbourne, with over 33 year of experience behind us. Get in touch with us to discuss the security needs of your property.

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