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24 Hour Surveillance Monitoring

Comprehensive 24 hour surveillance monitoring services to protect what's important to you.

If you're looking for quality security surveillance monitoring, products and services, contact us now at Twenty First Security by calling 1300 315 522 or send your enquiry. Our expert team are here to help you with over 33 years of experience and industry knowledge.

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24/7 365 Days a Year Monitoring

Twenty First Security offers 24 hour monitoring of your security system from our state of the art Grade 1 central monitoring station in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This grading is the only one which can ensure a police response to an alarm condition.

Extensively trained operators are on standby 24 hours a day, ready to take action should an alarm occur at your premises.

When an alarm does occur, whether it be a panic, burglary, fire or medical emergency, the control operator will promptly dispatch the nearest patrol officer, police, fire brigade or ambulance to attend to your premises depending on the type of alarm condition and your personal requirements.

Not only does the control room watch your security system for alarm conditions, they also let you know of any potential faults such as mains power or back up battery failure.

Or, if you prefer, friends, neighbours or relatives can monitor your system using the unique Telephone, Voice or Pager reporting formats. Twenty First Security does not force you into a monitoring contract like several other security monitoring companies.

All monitoring services are provided with a focus on quality and value for money.

Commercial Security Surveillance

Protecting your business and premises is important; we understand this. Our high quality surveillance services help you do just this. Whatever your business, whether you're looking for afterhours monitoring of your supermarket through to constant monitoring of your warehouse or hotel, our fully trained and expert team can help you.

Determining Your Security Needs

The first step when considering security solutions for your home or business is to determine what level of security threats you face and what kind of security system is necessary to protect your premises. Asking professional security contractors such as those at Twenty First Security to come and assess your property and make recommendations is a good place to start.

There are a variety of alarm and other security systems you can choose between, from glass break sensors to infrared CCTV cameras. The right solution and level of security will depend on factors like the location of the property and the type of property. For example, if the premises is located in high traffic areas, attractions, public transport or cultural centres, there is generally a higher risk of it being a target of crime.

Attributes of the property also determine what security features your system requires. For example, a shop front with large glass panel windows and doors facing out towards the street would need glass break sensors and magnetic reed contract to protect the doors and windows. A retail store with multiple entrances/exits and a high volume of walk-in customers would almost certainly need a good CCTV system to monitor potential theft.

What to Consider When Choosing Security System Monitoring

Many premises face their most significant security threats when the property is unmanned, particularly businesses and other organisational premises. 24 hour surveillance or back to base monitoring ensures that appropriate action is taken if an alarm is set off at your property while you are not there.

If you have valuable assets in your property that you don’t want to risk being compromised by either a break in or a fire, a 24/7 security system monitoring service ensures immediate action is taken. An operator on constant standby is ready to dispatch to the fire brigade, police or patrol officer depending on the seriousness and type of situation occurring at the property.

Highly Responsive Operators

These operators respond to all alarm types and can also provide a back to base alarm service that involves responding to alarm or actively monitoring your CCTV and responding when seeing a security breach or potentially suspicious activity such as individuals lurking around entrances to the property after hours.

Operators can also inform you when there are potential faults with power or back up batteries, which can also help prevent major issues at commercial premises, such as fridges and freezers turning off at a restaurant all night. All in all, the 24 hour monitoring service is ideal for those looking for a reliable and highly responsive security solution for their property.

What Kind of Alarm Systems Do We Monitor?

As mentioned, our trained operators can monitor CCTV cameras and provide back to base alarm monitoring services. We also aim to provide a full service that includes the highest quality products along with expert installation, maintenance and monitoring services.

At Twenty First Security, we strive to provide systems that are flexible and easy to operate. That’s why our alarm systems can feature a control panel that incorporates an optional wireless receiver and key fob so you can remotely arm and disarm your system. This means you can send a panic signal remotely or use it as a garage door opener. The hand held key fob transmitter is designed to offer a simple user experience.

What Kind of CCTV Systems Do We Monitor?

When it comes to our CCTV products, you can choose from a range of options based on your needs including:

  • Hi-resolution colour cameras.
  • Pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras.
  • Dome cameras.
  • Day and night cameras.
  • Digital video recorders (DVRs).
  • Infrared cameras.

The appropriate solution will depend on the characteristics of your property, such as the size of the area being monitored, the level of lighting and whether there are any hidden or dark spots. Our security experts can assess your property and make a recommendation on what would best serve you.

Advancement of CCTV Technology

Video surveillance is a technology that has existed for more than 30 years now, and has had it’s large share of technology changes. Like most other industries, the requirements of end users (in this case mostly businesses with valuable assets to protect) has led to increasing demands on the products, driving ever more innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

Today, CCTV systems have transformed from simple 100 per cent analogue systems to digital camera networks that link to computers, with vast improvements, such as:

  • Better image quality.
  • Reduction in costs.
  • Size and scalability.
  • Longer retention of recorded video.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Integration with other systems.
  • Simplified installation and maintenance.
  • More built-in system intelligence.
  • More secure and reliable technology.

The security experts at Twenty First Security have over three decades of experience watching the transformation of and using different CCTV technologies as they’ve changed and advanced. We know what sets a quality system apart and use only the very best to ensure you get the most effective, affordable and long lasting security system possible.

What to Consider When Choosing a Security Solution

When you are protecting what’s important to you, it’s essential to ensure you pick a reliable system with a useful lifespan and quality features. Don’t just look for small upfront costs and pick a system that is cheap and seems well enough for your needs.

Breakdown the costs of a potential security system over five years, considering all expenses related to installation, maintenance, repairs, operation and upgrades. It’s far better in the long run to get a high quality system that will last longer, is economical when it comes to power usage and offers to potential to be upgraded and scaled as your business may grow or expand, requiring greater security protection.

Like other technology driven industries, security systems are constantly changing and improving. Choose a company that will support and help you improve, upgrade and implement the best new systems as they come onto the market.

Our Installation and Maintenance Services

The team at Twenty First Security also provide expert installation and maintenance services on top of our security system supply and monitoring services. Our experienced staff have 33 years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining security systems, meaning you can be confident that yours will be reliably managed regardless of what type of property you have and where it needs to be installed.

Whether you’re a large business needing an access control system and 24 hour monitoring or a homeowner who wants a simple alarm or CCTV set up, we’ll visit your property to assess your needs, provide an appropriate solution then install it. Once your security system is installed, we can regularly maintain it, conduct repairs where necessary and advise you on any necessary or recommended upgrades or improvements that can be made to your system.

Service Area

While we are located in Melbourne, we provide our comprehensive monitoring services to clients and offices in Victoria and throughout states and territories in Australia.

Our team also offers free, no obligation quotes and consultation sessions for customers in the Melbourne metropolitan and rural areas. We will happily visit your premises to evaluation your security needs and recommend a solution that fits your budget and specific requirements.

Simply contact us and we’ll arrange a time to visit and discuss your security requirements. If you prefer to discuss security solutions over the phone, we can also talk through your options in detail. Whatever your requirements are, our licensed and trained security team are happy to help and strive to always put you as the customer first.

Over 33 Years of Experience Focused on Helping You

Twenty First Security has been helping businesses, organisations and individuals with their security needs for over 33 years. We are familiar with the range of security systems available on the Australian market and can advise you on appropriate alarm, access control and CCTV systems that suit your requirements. Our 24 hour monitoring service has been thoroughly refined to provide you with dependable quality solutions for extra security.

At Twenty First Security, we understand the importance of dealing with a reputable company who uses reputable products when it comes to costly security systems that protect what’s most important to you. That’s why we welcome any questions about our decades of experience, past clients and success stories in implementing quality security solutions in clients that are of a similar size, scope and business type to yours, assuring you that our proposed solutions will suit your needs.

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With 24 hour monitoring as part of your security solution, you can be sure that your premises always has a watchful eye to respond to security threats when necessary.

Call us now on 1300 315 522 or send your enquiry to find out how Twenty First Security can help efficiently secure your commercial or domestic property with alarm monitoring in Melbourne.

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