Security Trends to Adopt For 2020 and Beyond

We know that technology changes at lightning speeds and security technology is no different. As a homeowner or business owner or both, it’s vital that your aware of the latest security trends. So that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the latest security trends for you.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Requiring no cabling whatsoever (less hassle for you), these are state of the art alarm security systems that are fast becoming a popular option for many businesses and homes. Some of their features include:

  • A message centre (local or remote recording of voice messages, with message notification after person arrives on premises and disables system).
  • Super easy accessibility (via a secure mobile, internet, or landline phone connection).
  • Real-time remote viewing (webcam connectivity allows view of premises inside/outside anytime, anywhere from any computer).


What was once seen as futuristic just a few years ago, is now an everyday reality. More and more businesses and homes across Australia and the world are becoming automated. With just a touch of a screen (phone or tablet), you can operate vital security operations on your premises without you or anyone else having to be there.

Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras are the ideal solution for your night-time surveillance of your premises as they don’t require any visible light to capture media. They work by detecting heat energy and produce images through capturing radiation formed by the amount of temperature an object is emitting. This makes them perfect for capturing intruders who can’t hide the heat emanating from their bodies.

Smart Lights

Aside from their high energy efficiency smart lights can be set to turn on at specific times via your smartphone or computer. This means you can easily control them through your devices even when your away.

Door Locks With a Difference

Say bye bye to your standard dock locks and hello to these innovative door locks transforming door security. Consider these:

  • Digital door locks – work through an electronic impulse (card reader, keypad, or wireless remote-control sensor).
  • Keyless door locks- work through a smart entry system (access can be via phone/tablet).

Before 2020 is over, reassess your security and take advantage of some of these security trends. Our friendly and expert team are here to help you. Contact Twenty First Security today!

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