What to Look For in Local CCTV Installers

If you’re wanting CCTV installed on your premises (home, business or both) or are thinking about it, it’s essential you get the right installers. To help you we’ve put together this comprehensive guide that tells you everything you need to know.

What Exactly is CCTV?

Before we do a deep dive into local CCTV installers, it’s important that you actually have an understanding of CCTV. CCTV, also known as video surveillance and closed-circuit television uses video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place. It keeps an eye on that place. Increasingly both homeowners and business owners are turning to CCTV to keep an eye on their premises. Your local security experts can help you choose the right CCTV system for your premises and budget.

Find out more about what CCTV means.

Benefits of CCTV for Your Locals Premises

CCTV is a powerful tool in modern crime detection and offers several benefits for your local premises (both home and business) like:

  • You can capture even the smallest and complex detail close up.
  • You can see both day and night vision.
  • You can see footage captured in bad weather in better lighting.
  • You can see the invisible light not seen by the human eye (infrared) allowing you to see imagery not easily seen by the human eye.
  • You can view areas that are difficult for a standard camera to capture like corners, narrow paths etc.
  • You can play hours of footage captured back.
  • You can save this footage for a later use.

Must Have Traits for Local CCTV Installers

When you’re having video surveillance installed on your premises its essential that your local CCTV installers have the following traits. If they, don’t it should be a red flag so we would advise not to go through them. Shop around and do your research well!

Expertise, Experience and Credibility

You must always go through a security company that have certifications, experience, and overall credibility for both their products and services. If you go through someone that’s lacking in these, you may find that your video surveillance system won’t be of high quality and neither will installation and even ongoing support. Remember you can’t DIY these. You need professionals – local security technicians who know what they are doing as they are fully trained and qualified in CCTV installation.

A Good Range of CCTV Security Systems Are on Offer

Your local security company should have on offer a good range of CCTV security systems. That way you have more choice and are not limited or forced to choose one particular type of closed-circuit television system. The range should be of the highest quality for a variety of needs and budgets. They should be able to answer all of your CCTV installation questions in an effective and efficient manner.

Work One-on-One with You

Your local security company along with their CCTV installers should be working one-on-one with you. That way you can rest assured you are getting the best and also tailored service for your circumstances. It should never be a one-size-fits-all approach. A good security company will work with you to plan, design, engineer and implement your CCTV system for your own unique circumstances.

Positioning and Placement Is Right

When it comes to installing your CCTV system at your premises, its not just a matter of getting it out of the box and ‘Voilà its installed’. Good CCTV installers will ensure the following:

  • Your CCTV is in an elevated spot which will help maximise its visibility and its coverage of a wider area but also makes it harder to tamper with as harder to reach.
  • Your CCTV isn’t placed directly in front of the sun. The glare will interfere with the images captured by the camera.
  • Your front door and front area are sufficiently covered with CCTV. Remember you need to identify who’s coming and going out of your property day in and day out.
  • Your back and side entries are also properly covered. So much crime happens from these places as criminals naturally target these areas.
  • Your backyard gets CCTV coverage. Thieves will often hide in the garden before striking.
  • If CCTV is being installed inside your property, installation is on high accident areas like staircases where a lot of accidents occur.
  • All your security questions are answered in a timely and effective manner by the installers so there is no guesswork or wondering on your behalf.
  • Friendly and good customer service is given to you throughout installation. The installers also clean up after themselves!

Affordable Installation and Maintenance Services

Your CCTV installation shouldn’t break the bank and so should ideally be part of your overall CCTV system purchase. After your system has been installed it needs maintenance. This should be every six to twelve months. When calling out security technicians to carry out maintenance it shouldn’t cost you the world. Costs should be reasonable and match the actual service and time being spent on the job. Sometimes if certain parts are required to be ordered which are hard to find then the cost can be higher, but overall installation and maintenance shouldn’t be out of reach.

We provide local CCTV installation in metropolitan Melbourne and surrounds and maintenance services at an affordable, competitive price. Feel free to get in touch with our security technicians for any questions about the installation process.

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