5 Reasons to Use Professionals and Avoid DIY Security Alarm System Installs

Are you looking to install a security alarm system in your business, not-for-profit or home? Doing it yourself can be tempting to save on labour costs, though sometimes this can be a painful false economy in terms of money and time.

There are multiple benefits to using a professional when installing a security alarm system. These can include better support, thorough testing, compliance with Australian standards and an easier process for you. We’ve compiled 5 reasons to use professionals and avoid DIY security alarm system installs, giving you the information to make an educated decision when it comes to installing a new alarm system.

Hardware Discounts

If you purchase a security alarm system as a member of the public, you may have to pay the full retail price. While you may save on labour if you do it yourself, the cost of your hardware could be considerably more. An installer of security alarms potentially has contacts with the suppliers of these systems and could receive a discount, which they could pass onto you.

Better Support

If you install a security system yourself, you could only receive support / advice from the manufacturer. As they’re not there to review the system and haven’t seen how it has been installed, this can lead to minimal remote support being possible.

When using products and an installation from a trusted security professional, they’ll be able to guide you through using the system in your environment.

Straightforward and Easier Process

A professional security technician and alarm installer knows their way around security products, plus they’ve performed installations a wide range of situations.

Meeting Industry and Australian Standards

Using a professional helps ensure that your system is installed in a manner that meets Australian standards.

Tested in Conditions for Australia and Melbourne

Twenty First Security are located in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. We have extensive helping businesses, non-profits and individuals with their security requirements. We’ve seen what does and doesn’t work in Melbourne’s conditions.

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