Why You Should Make Sure Your Parking Lot Is Secure

If you’re in the business of providing parking for people’s vehicles, then a key area of this can be security. Even if your business or organisation focuses on something else but features your own parking, then security is still important.

Customers, clients and employees of your operation don’t want their vehicle to be broken into, damaged or worst of all, stolen. A secure parking lots creates numerous benefits. Plus, securing a parking lot isn’t rocket science. Whether above ground, underground, or multi-leveled, there are multiple options available that help secure a parking lot.

Twenty First Security focus on providing security products and services for businesses, government, organisations and residents throughout Greater Melbourne, Victoria Australia. The benefits and methods listed in this article would none the less be applicable for many locations throughout the world.

The Benefits of Securing Your Parking

An investment in parking lot and garage security can help deter and stop criminal activity along with anti-social behaviour. This benefits the reputation, satisfaction of the parking space users, safety of the area and trust.

Reduce and Prevent Criminal Activity

The big benefit is that you can deter and prevent criminal activity. From this, multiple other benefits follow.

Enhance Your Reputation

Nothing quite spooks people from parking somewhere than if they read reviews about constant car break ins.

People talk and write reviews online. Active efforts to provide a secure parking space help build a good reputation.

Draw In More Customers / Users

A secure parking lot with a reputation for being safe is more attractive to vehicle users. This could mean more residential and commercial drivers visiting suppliers, services and venues in an area, along with more people staying comfortably at a location.

Improvements to Managing Access

Depending on the complexity of your parking lot / garage, improvements to managing the access can be implemented. Access control systems, alarm systems and CCTV monitoring can help log and control who enters and leaves the parking area. This can save time and improve efficiencies for administrative staff. Access can be monitored and reviewed remotely and on-site using a range of different methods, including phones and workstation computers.

Methods to Secure Your Parking Lot

There are multiple options that can be used to secure a parking lot. For operations facing risk that can include car theft and damage, it can pay to have a professional review your situation. Alongside this, it can benefit to have any new security features properly installed. Before jumping the gun on new security features, speak with an experienced and licensed security technician with knowledge of the Australian security product industry and customer needs.

Access Control and Security Gates

Access control systems and gates can be implemented for the entire parking lot, specific entries/exits and on-site storage. These can include key cards that require swiping / tapping, keypads and codes, along with mobile phone applications and sensors.

Not all access control systems are created equally. While cheap options exist that can be imported, we’ve seen many cases where these systems can create many headaches. At a point, these cheap options become a false economy. A professional installed access control system that is tested for Australian conditions and works properly can make a big difference overtime. Do your research and speak with a skilled professional that can help you install an appropriate system effectively. If you’re in the Greater Melbourne area, Twenty First Security are a licensed security technician and provider of quality access control systems. Find out more about our access control systems and how we can help you.

Camera Surveillance

Cameras and CCTV surveillance are an effective addition towards securing a parking lot. Most thieves and intruders don’t want their image to be recorded during a criminal act.
Visible cameras are a powerful deterrent that can help prevent criminal activity before it takes place. Include signage that users of the parking lot are being filmed for the purposes of crime prevention.

Recording video footage can be useful if a crime is to occur. This can be provided to the police, help with the retrieval of stolen items and help stop future criminal activity.


Alarm technology can be used for securing facilities on a parking lot. An alarm system can be used commercial and government storage in parking lots to help stop theft and malicious damage. Depending on the visibility of the alarms, these can deter criminal activity. Alarm systems can be connected to monitoring and notification services or applications, providing you with an alert if an alarm is triggered.

If you are in the Melbourne area and require assistance with your alarm system requirements, we can help. Twenty First Security are an experienced and licensed technician and provider of alarm systems, tested for Australian conditions. We have extensive experience suiting alarm systems for commercial, body corporate and residential requirements. Discover more about our alarm system options and installations.


If your parking lot is above ground, fences can help bolster the security of the area. Security fences help deter criminal activity. Depending on your needs, bollards and reinforced walls can be added to help stop vehicle theft people avoiding payment gates.

Security Patrols and Monitoring

Regular security patrols and monitoring can be very effective additions to help stop criminal activity in a parking lot. Opportunistic criminals seeing signage that an area is patrolled and monitored may avoid it and move on to other targets. Security guards and police (if the alarm and monitoring is of an appropriate level) can be alerted to criminal activity and investigate, further bolstering resistance and reactions to criminal efforts.

Security Warning Signs

Warning signs about the security features used on property can be powerful deterrents towards halting criminal activity.

There Are Numerous Security Methods and Benefits for Securing a Parking Lot in Melbourne

Securing your parking lot is possible through methods like camera surveillance, alarms, signage, security patrols, monitoring, fencing and access control systems. Through these efforts in security, your parking lot could reduce and stop criminal activity, thus improving use, trust, reputation and access management.Whether your operation is based in Melbourne, Auckland, London or New York, these methods and their benefits could help on multiple fronts. Though if you’re in Victoria Australia, the Victorian Government has a range of information available regarding how to effectively and safely design parking lots.

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