Why Durability Is Important for Security Products in Australian Conditions

Australians are not foreign to intense weather conditions. From hail to scorching summers, these not only affect us but also affect the equipment and buildings we use.

Even in Melbourne, the elements can be formidable. Intense rain storms, hail, wind and sunlight batter everything is in their path. It doesn’t help sometimes having multiple seasons in one day.

These intense weather conditions degrade equipment and structures overtime. UV from the sun can cause the deterioration of plastics and coatings. This can be accelerated with rain, hail, wind and sudden temperature changes. If the weather is intense enough, it could destroy equipment and infrastructure there and then.

Ultimately, you want your security systems to last and remain effective for as long as possible. When installing or having a new security system installed, keep in mind the merits of protecting the equipment where possible, along with using quality components.

To Protect Your Security Equipment, Consider the Following:

  • Use security products tested for Australian conditions. An experienced and licensed Australian security technician will be able to advise you what products do and don’t work in Australia.
  • If installing cameras, locks and other equipment outdoors, use products made to endure the outdoors. IP rated cameras exist on the Australian market that are resistant to water and dust. UV resistant cables and conduit can protect and significantly extend the life of cabling. Locks can be rated to endure corrosion from the outdoor elements.
  • Be cautious of cheap DIY security products made overseas. Sometimes these are not made to deal with the rain, moisture or UV, thus can degrade and fail very quickly.
  • Get your new security system professionally installed. Save yourself the hassle and time of installing a security system yourself by using a licensed professional. An experienced professional can install an appropriate durable system to suit your needs, using quality components and methods that protect the overall system from the elements and malicious damage.

Keep in mind that the physical durability may not be the only factor towards the longevity of a security product. Some more intricate security systems, like alarms and access control systems, may require firmware/software updates overtime to protect against the latest threats.

With the proper care and thought given during selection and installation of a security product, complemented by appropriate maintenance, your security system could last a long time.

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