What Is a Smash and Grab? Plus Tips to Prevent Them

Jewellery retail store with a smash and grab attempt.

Find out what a smash and grab is, plus get tips to prevent them with expert advice from Twenty First Security.

What Is a Smash and Grab?

A smash and grab is a form of robbery that involves quickly smashing a barrier, such as a window or showcase, then stealing the desired valuables and attempting a quick getaway. Smash and grab thieves generally have little to no regard for creating noise and setting off alarms.

Shop display windows, display cases and cars are common targets of smash and grabs. Dimly lit and lowly populated streets, shopping arcades and car parks can be tempting for smash and grab thieves, as there’s minimal to no lighting, people or potential surveillance to spot them.

Do Smash and Grabs Occur in Australia, Victoria and Melbourne?

Unfortunately smash and grabs have occurred throughout different parts of Australia. They have occurred in Melbourne and in different cities and towns of Victoria. While many do consider Australia a safe country, we’re not invulnerable to theft and opportunistic crimes like smash and grabs.

Tips to Deter and Prevent Smash and Grabs

There are security methods you can implement to help deter and prevent smash and grabs. These are useful for a range of businesses, including many different shops like jewellery stores and technology suppliers, along with art galleries and museums, to name a few.

These methods can deter and stop smash and grab theft attempts. Opportunistic thieves may deem your premises too difficult to thieve from, giving up and instead potentially choosing an easier target.

Reinforced / Hardened Glass

Glass that is reinforced or hardened with the appropriate security measures can help stop smash and grabs. If a criminal can’t smash through the glass quickly, they may flee rather than risk being caught.

Security Screens

Security screens installed on windows and doors provide an effective method of stopping break ins and theft. It potentially takes considerable force, tools and / or time to get through security screens.

Commercial Shutters

Commercial shutters are another very effective method of stopping thefts and break ins. They can be placed on doors and windows, covering the entire area. Like security screens and potentially even more so, it takes considerable force, tools and or time to get through shutters.

CCTV / Security Camera Surveillance

Visible CCTV / security cameras can deter opportunistic thieves before they attempt a smash and grab.

Cameras can also be effective with identifying the thieves through recorded footage, which could be provided to the police as evidence. According to the National Retail Association Australia, an estimated less than 20% of retail crimes are reported to the police. Implementing surveillance and effective recording can help your business combat criminal offenders, protecting your stock and staff.

In the case of a vehicle, park in an area with surveillance. Cameras recording what happens to your vehicle can deter theft.

Hide Your Valuables on Display When Locking Up

Do you have valuables on display in your shop or car? Hiding these when locking up can stop opportunistic thieves spotting your store or vehicle as a target for a smash and grab.

Security Staff

Security staff patrolling and monitoring your premises can be an incredibly effective addition towards stopping smash and grabs. There is a significant cost to using security staff regularly, thus it may not be sustainable and worthwhile to have security staff onsite all of the time for some business operations. Depending on the scale and type of your operation, security staff can be a very effective addition for operations like technology and art exhibitions, along with malls / shopping centres.

Visible Alarms

Visible security alarms and alarm signage placed on windows, display cases and cars can deter smash and grab theft attempts. They can be integrated with surveillance and monitoring systems to alert staff, security services and thus, police (depending on the grade of monitoring in Victoria and your requirements), to the attempted theft. As smash and grab criminals may disregard alarms as part of their quick efforts, visible alarms should complement other security measures.

If you’re in the area of Melbourne, Victoria, alarms are an area of security where Twenty First Security can help you. Find out more about the security alarm systems we can install for you.

5 Reasons to Use Professionals and Avoid DIY Security Alarm System Installs

A security technician installing a camera.

Are you looking to install a security alarm system in your business, not-for-profit or home? Doing it yourself can be tempting to save on labour costs, though sometimes this can be a painful false economy in terms of money and time.

There are multiple benefits to using a professional when installing a security alarm system. These can include better support, thorough testing, compliance with Australian standards and an easier process for you. We’ve compiled 5 reasons to use professionals and avoid DIY security alarm system installs, giving you the information to make an educated decision when it comes to installing a new alarm system.

Hardware Discounts

If you purchase a security alarm system as a member of the public, you may have to pay the full retail price. While you may save on labour if you do it yourself, the cost of your hardware could be considerably more. An installer of security alarms potentially has contacts with the suppliers of these systems and could receive a discount, which they could pass onto you.

Better Support

If you install a security system yourself, you could only receive support / advice from the manufacturer. As they’re not there to review the system and haven’t seen how it has been installed, this can lead to minimal remote support being possible.

When using products and an installation from a trusted security professional, they’ll be able to guide you through using the system in your environment.

Straightforward and Easier Process

A professional security technician and alarm installer knows their way around security products, plus they’ve performed installations a wide range of situations.

Meeting Industry and Australian Standards

Using a professional helps ensure that your system is installed in a manner that meets Australian standards.

Tested in Conditions for Australia and Melbourne

Twenty First Security are located in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. We have extensive helping businesses, non-profits and individuals with their security requirements. We’ve seen what does and doesn’t work in Melbourne’s conditions.

Why Healthcare Facilities and Providers Need to Maintain Their Security

Security camera at a medical clinic and facility.

Safety for Your Staff and Patients

The staff and patients at a facility should feel safe. This can boost the morale of staff, reduce turnover and improve their efficiency. People talk too – if a facility doesn’t feel safe, then patients could recommend other people to not visit that particular facility.

Depending on the facility, security staff could be an effective addition. Having security staff and professionals that are trained to handle security matters can help have situations resolved promptly while also protecting your staff and patients. Camera monitoring can help alert staff and security to any malicious and anti-social behaviour.

Access control systems can be a very effective addition to a healthcare facility. For example, potential patients can be first screened before a staff member presses a button to release the appropriate door lock. After hours cleaners, contracted professionals and medical staff can benefit with improved access management via keycodes / keypads and access cards. Access control systems can also log when entrances and exits are used, including log information such as the date, time and who holds that access.

Protection of Records and Equipment

Healthcare facilities and providers can hold a range of information and equipment that is of a organisational, commercial or personal concern. Protecting this is vital for the running of the facility / business and the wellbeing of your patients.

Cyber security is an important element of any computer network and database. Computers throughout a facility should be operated in a security-conscious manner, with staff trained to do so. Routine malware scans and maintenance performed by IT professionals can help ensure computers continue to run quickly and do not become compromised. Regular backups can also be of benefit, provided the backups are secured.

Protecting your records from physical intrusion is also important. A malicious user physically reaching and using a computer could quickly obtain protected information about patients, staff and organisational elements.

6 Garage Security Tips to Make Your Business, Organisation or Home Safer

Garage security tips implemented for a security garage.

There’s no doubt that people can keep a lot of valuable possessions in a garage. We’ve seen individuals, families, businesses and organisations keep many different things, including cars, trucks, boats, tools, electronics, machinery, work equipment, safes and sentimental items. While a garage can provide great protection from the elements and thieves, criminals know that garages can be a treasure trove.

According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, half of all cars stolen are taken from homes, including the garages, carports and driveways. It’s sometimes not enough to have your vehicles parked in a garage – that garage needs to be secured. Businesses aren’t free from criminal activity either, with opportunistic thieves preying on easily accessible garages and sometimes, even the worst of employees can line up items to thieve.

Fortunately, securing a garage isn’t a mysterious unknown. There’s many effective methods that can be used to secure a garage. We’ve compiled a list of 6 tips to help make the garages of businesses, organisations and homes more secure and safer. These garage security tips are generally useful for commercial, government and residential garages in urban and rural environments.

Install High Quality Locks

Install high quality locks on the doors and windows throughout your garage, along with the external gates if you have them. Use locks that are hardened and hard to cut or pick.

Quality locks can dissuade, stop and slow down unauthorised access and criminal activity. Even in the event of slowing down a criminal, this can provide more time to gather footage if cameras are used or give responders an opportunity to arrive in time.

Place locks around doors so they can’t be easily ripped open from the edges or points where they aren’t secured from factory.

Locks exist that are resistant to the elements and coastal conditions. If a lock rusts considerably, a criminal could potentially be able to just force it off. A well maintained security system of locks and other features makes it harder for criminals.

Use Security Cameras and Lights

Security cameras and lights are effective at deterring and helping capture criminals.

Cameras that are visible throughout your property let people know that they are being watched. If your cameras are actively monitored, action can be taken by those monitoring the feed. Make sure that the cameras cover all entries and exits of your garage, internally and externally. A range of cameras exist on the Australian market that feature:

  • weather proofing
  • internet connectivity
  • batteries and wireless options if wired power isn’t available
  • night vision
  • low light vision
  • motion detection
  • high quality resolutions including 4K
  • a wide field of view, to capture a large area
  • footage storage options
  • real-time video feeds
  • audio recording / microphones
  • two-way audio / talk capabilities
  • expandability and integration with security systems

When recording footage, make sure that you comply with the relevant legal and privacy requirements.

Well placed lights can be an effective addition. Criminals don’t necessarily want to be lit up in the act and obvious. Place lights on exits and entries where people could attempt to break through. Motion detector garage lights are available that can suddenly light up anyone approaching your garage or rummaging around within in. Depending on your area, you’ll want to strike the careful balance between a motion sensor garage light effectively picking up every person and not every possum that strolls past. Lights can also complement camera footage, helping create a clearer well-lit picture for recordings.

Install Fences and Gates

Fences and gates around a property and garage can provide an effective barrier against criminal activity. A secure fence and gate can be a painful and time consuming obstacle for a criminal, deterring opportunistic efforts and potentially increasing the likelihood of them being caught.

Reinforced fences, walls and gates can help stop extreme cases of ram raids and stolen vehicle getaway attempts.

Check the fencing around your property regularly to make sure that there is no damage or holes.

Implement Alarm Systems

Alarm systems can be connected to garage doors and windows. If a breach or alarm condition is to occur, alarms can emit sound, create warning lights and notify. The alarm noise and lights can be enough to spook some criminals, causing them to panic and flee. The alarm notifications sent out can be in the form of phone calls, texts and application notifications, to name a few.

Alarm systems are an area that we specialise in here at Twenty First Security. If you’re in Melbourne, find out more about how we can help you with garage security alarms.

Have a Security Professional Assess Your Garage

In some cases, you may prefer to have a professional who lives and breathes security to promptly and effectively assist you with your garage security needs. This can save you time and effort, plus helps make sure that you have effective security in place.

If you require a prompt and quality garage security assessment in the Melbourne Metro area of Victoria, then Twenty First Security can help you. For over 33 years, we’ve helped Victorians enhance their security and protect what’s important to them. We know what works for businesses, organisations and residents in Melbourne through tried and tested quality products with great results. Send an enquiry to start your garage security assessment or call us on 1300 315 522 to discuss your security needs. We can review your goals, provide quality products and implement these using methods and materials that are made to last.

Read More Information about Garage Security from Victoria Police

The website of Victoria Police includes a useful page on security for your shed, outhouse and garage. While the article is orientated towards rural and farm security, a lot of the information provided on the page would be applicable for an urban or rural property that’s residential or commercial.

The police forces of the other states and territories also provide a range of information about garage security. A lot of these resources can be found online through an easy search. The security tips already provided here would be useful for almost any garage throughout Australia and parts of the world.

Where to Install Security Cameras in Your Business

A security camera installed inside a supermarket business.

Security cameras can help greatly with securing a business. Visible security cameras act as a deterrent and capture footage that can be used to identify and stop criminal activity or anti-social behaviour. Using CCTV can improve the safety of your staff, customers, clients and other stakeholders visiting your business. Another benefit is to reduce or stop theft or damage to stock and equipment.

To make a CCTV security system as effective as possible, each camera should be installed in an optimal position that suits your recording goals and the environment. We’ve compiled a helpful guide for businesses covering where to install a CCTV system in your business.

When using security cameras, always adhere to the required surveillance and privacy laws. For Australian businesses, the business.gov.au website lists helpful information and resources on privacy legislation and surveillance regulation.

The Exterior Entry and Exit Points

Spotting an unauthorised entry attempt before and when it is occurring can make a big difference to how quickly and effectively your business can resolve the situation.
When installing external cameras, ensure that they are rated and protected to deal with the environment including elements like weatherproofing / rain, moisture and constant UV exposure.

Visible Locations

Making cameras visible on your property can be a powerful deterrent to both stop criminal activity and anti-social behaviour before it occurs.

Points of Sale

Cameras above cash registers and payment devices can deter and stop theft, whether they’re customers or your employees. You’ll want the camera positioned at a good height that can capture footage of the customer and employee’s face. Position the camera too high and you could just end up with footage of the top of the person’s head, which may not be useful.

Blind Spots and Secluded Areas

Are there areas at your business where your staff can’t see? Or other areas that aren’t actively checked? Cameras recording secluded areas like dumpsters at the back of a store can benefit the safety of staff and help stop criminal activity.

5 Methods to Secure Your Retail Store in Melbourne

Theft and damage unfortunately does occur for retail stores in Melbourne and throughout the state of Victoria. In 2023, the ABC reported on the statistics revealing a sharp jump in shoplifting across Victoria.

Business owners want their staff and customers to feel safe, along with keeping their stock secure until a sale is made. Towards this aim, we’ve compiled five methods for Melbourne-based and Australian businesses that can be used to help secure retail stores. Following these security steps can help reduce theft, malicious damage and harassment of staff. Make sure to follow all legal requirements too for your council, state etc when recording and engaging with customers.

Twenty First Security are a licensed security technician, provider and installer of quality security products in Greater Melbourne, Victoria. Our products and installations are tested for Australian conditions and requirements, made to work well and last. You can find out more about the majority of mentioned methods here and how Twenty First Security can help you by following the appropriate links in each section. Alternatively, call us on 1300 315 522 to discuss your requirements.

Security Cameras

Security cameras have the benefit of both deterring criminal activity and catching criminals in the act. Well placed security cameras throughout a store can provide the benefits of reducing / stopping theft and catching repeat offenders in the act.

Find out more about the security camera and CCTV options that Twenty First Security provide.

Security Guards

Professional security guards provide a presence that can deter shoplifting and malicious acts. Their efforts can be used to escort, report and catch criminals, along with people engaging in anti-social behaviour. Their presence can also improve the safety and morale of your staff, plus they can handle the criminal situations, rather than risking the safety of your staff.

Security Alarms

Security alarm systems are an effective addition for a store’s security. Visibility and signage of alarms can deter criminal activity. Alarms can generate lights and sounds that alert the criminal that they’ve been detected and thus potentially scaring them off, along with drawing attention to the area. They can be connected to notification services to alert you, staff and security providers to an alarm breach.

Find out about the security alarms and systems that Twenty First Security can help you with.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems provide people with a range of methods to securely access premises, along with logging and monitoring with people access and exit the premises. These methods to access and exit the premises can include key cards, key pads and codes, along with mobile phone verification apps.

Read about how Twenty First Security can help you with access control systems.

After Hours Monitoring

Theft and malicious damage can occur after hours for many businesses. Depending on your location, this could be a significant issue.

Security systems can alert you if an alarm condition occurs or if movement occurs in your store. These alerts can be in the form of calls, text notifications and app notifications, to name a few. Prompt alerts can provide you and others with the opportunity to respond quickly to a problem in your store.

Discover how Twenty First Security can help you with 24/7 surveillance monitoring.

Bonus Tip: Implement a Store Security Policy

A store security policy can help stop new criminal acts and repeat offenders.

Bag checks could be a part of the store policy when customers use your store, though check all appropriate legal requirements first. Bag checks can deter theft, help recover lost items and stop offenders.

Once identified through footage, some stores choose to ban repeat offenders from their stores. Again, make suse that you follow all appropriate laws regarding this area.

More Bonus Tips from Victoria Police

Victoria Police have a detailed page on their website about preventing shop theft and what to do if there is a theft in your store.

Why You Should Make Sure Your Parking Lot Is Secure

If you’re in the business of providing parking for people’s vehicles, then a key area of this can be security. Even if your business or organisation focuses on something else but features your own parking, then security is still important.

Customers, clients and employees of your operation don’t want their vehicle to be broken into, damaged or worst of all, stolen. A secure parking lots creates numerous benefits. Plus, securing a parking lot isn’t rocket science. Whether above ground, underground, or multi-leveled, there are multiple options available that help secure a parking lot.

Twenty First Security focus on providing security products and services for businesses, government, organisations and residents throughout Greater Melbourne, Victoria Australia. The benefits and methods listed in this article would none the less be applicable for many locations throughout the world.

The Benefits of Securing Your Parking

An investment in parking lot and garage security can help deter and stop criminal activity along with anti-social behaviour. This benefits the reputation, satisfaction of the parking space users, safety of the area and trust.

Reduce and Prevent Criminal Activity

The big benefit is that you can deter and prevent criminal activity. From this, multiple other benefits follow.

Enhance Your Reputation

Nothing quite spooks people from parking somewhere than if they read reviews about constant car break ins.

People talk and write reviews online. Active efforts to provide a secure parking space help build a good reputation.

Draw In More Customers / Users

A secure parking lot with a reputation for being safe is more attractive to vehicle users. This could mean more residential and commercial drivers visiting suppliers, services and venues in an area, along with more people staying comfortably at a location.

Improvements to Managing Access

Depending on the complexity of your parking lot / garage, improvements to managing the access can be implemented. Access control systems, alarm systems and CCTV monitoring can help log and control who enters and leaves the parking area. This can save time and improve efficiencies for administrative staff. Access can be monitored and reviewed remotely and on-site using a range of different methods, including phones and workstation computers.

Methods to Secure Your Parking Lot

There are multiple options that can be used to secure a parking lot. For operations facing risk that can include car theft and damage, it can pay to have a professional review your situation. Alongside this, it can benefit to have any new security features properly installed. Before jumping the gun on new security features, speak with an experienced and licensed security technician with knowledge of the Australian security product industry and customer needs.

Access Control and Security Gates

Access control systems and gates can be implemented for the entire parking lot, specific entries/exits and on-site storage. These can include key cards that require swiping / tapping, keypads and codes, along with mobile phone applications and sensors.

Not all access control systems are created equally. While cheap options exist that can be imported, we’ve seen many cases where these systems can create many headaches. At a point, these cheap options become a false economy. A professional installed access control system that is tested for Australian conditions and works properly can make a big difference overtime. Do your research and speak with a skilled professional that can help you install an appropriate system effectively. If you’re in the Greater Melbourne area, Twenty First Security are a licensed security technician and provider of quality access control systems. Find out more about our access control systems and how we can help you.

Camera Surveillance

Cameras and CCTV surveillance are an effective addition towards securing a parking lot. Most thieves and intruders don’t want their image to be recorded during a criminal act.
Visible cameras are a powerful deterrent that can help prevent criminal activity before it takes place. Include signage that users of the parking lot are being filmed for the purposes of crime prevention.

Recording video footage can be useful if a crime is to occur. This can be provided to the police, help with the retrieval of stolen items and help stop future criminal activity.


Alarm technology can be used for securing facilities on a parking lot. An alarm system can be used commercial and government storage in parking lots to help stop theft and malicious damage. Depending on the visibility of the alarms, these can deter criminal activity. Alarm systems can be connected to monitoring and notification services or applications, providing you with an alert if an alarm is triggered.

If you are in the Melbourne area and require assistance with your alarm system requirements, we can help. Twenty First Security are an experienced and licensed technician and provider of alarm systems, tested for Australian conditions. We have extensive experience suiting alarm systems for commercial, body corporate and residential requirements. Discover more about our alarm system options and installations.


If your parking lot is above ground, fences can help bolster the security of the area. Security fences help deter criminal activity. Depending on your needs, bollards and reinforced walls can be added to help stop vehicle theft people avoiding payment gates.

Security Patrols and Monitoring

Regular security patrols and monitoring can be very effective additions to help stop criminal activity in a parking lot. Opportunistic criminals seeing signage that an area is patrolled and monitored may avoid it and move on to other targets. Security guards and police (if the alarm and monitoring is of an appropriate level) can be alerted to criminal activity and investigate, further bolstering resistance and reactions to criminal efforts.

Security Warning Signs

Warning signs about the security features used on property can be powerful deterrents towards halting criminal activity.

There Are Numerous Security Methods and Benefits for Securing a Parking Lot in Melbourne

Securing your parking lot is possible through methods like camera surveillance, alarms, signage, security patrols, monitoring, fencing and access control systems. Through these efforts in security, your parking lot could reduce and stop criminal activity, thus improving use, trust, reputation and access management.Whether your operation is based in Melbourne, Auckland, London or New York, these methods and their benefits could help on multiple fronts. Though if you’re in Victoria Australia, the Victorian Government has a range of information available regarding how to effectively and safely design parking lots.

Why Layered Physical Security Is Important

A secure industrial commercial building with layered physical security.

Greatly enhance the security of your property by implementing layered physical property. With multiple security elements combined, you can help prevent and stop your property being the victim of criminal activity. This strategy is useful for businesses, not-for-profits government and home owners.

What Is Layered Physical Security?

Layered physical security is an approach to your physical security that uses multiple elements or “layers”. This is often significantly more effective than a single security measure.

An example of this for a business could be a high fence around the property, camera surveillance, an access control system on all doors, locked windows and monitoring on any cameras or alarms. Similar systems could be used for a home or not-for-profit.

Why Is Layered Physical Security Important?

An effective layered physical security system detects, deters, prevents and provides time until responders arrive. Even if an initial layer of physical security is breached, intruders may have then been detected, alerting first responders. Additionally, they would have to breach more layers of security to get anything worthwhile, giving first responders time to arrive and intervene.

An opportunistic thief may be completely deterred by a complex security system. For example, a storage business could be surrounded by tall metal fences with barbed wire. This could be complemented by access control systems on the external gates and internal doors, security cameras, well-placed lighting, locked and barred windows, plus security monitoring or patrol services. Seeing all of this, an opportunistic thief may decide that it is definitely not worth the extensive risk and time consuming process.

What Can I Do to Layer My Security?

You don’t have to implement every one of these security options. Plus, there’s many more methods out there. What matters is that every addition can be an effective improvement to your overall security.

  • Have an external gate that people need to open to get to your yard or front door? Install a heavy duty locking mechanism on this gate, like a padbolt or a hasp and staple. Some of these locking mechanisms include an area for a padlock, further increasing security. Remember to use locking mechanisms that are rated to deal with the outdoor elements, which could be galvanised or made of stainless steel.
  • Quality access control systems are another very effective method to keep your external gates locked. They can then be programmed to grant access at specific times of your choosing or if a user has the appropriate keycard or device to grant access. Some access control systems can also log when entry is attempted and gained.
  • Tall fences can be very effective at obscuring the view into your property. They can also deter criminals from entering your property and make it difficult for them to quickly escape, further deterring them or giving first responders a time to catch them or surveillance time to gather useful footage.
  • Well-placed lighting can be a very effective deterrent and help with detection. Criminals don’t necessarily want to be obvious.
  • Cameras are powerful deterrents and can help police apprehend criminals, if you record footage.
  • Security patrols and security device monitoring. Security patrols regularly visiting your property can deter and catch criminal activity. Complement this with security device monitoring, such as 24/7 monitoring service of your cameras and alarms. When monitored, you can be alerted to any suspicious activity right when it occurs. Additionally, some services can alert the authorities as part of your monitoring, when applicable. Twenty First Security do offer a 24/7 security monitoring service that has the ability to alert the authorities if an alarm condition were to occur.
  • Lock your windows, install security screens on windows or use windows that can’t be opened anyway.
  • Alarms. If an alarm is triggered, this could notify you or the people monitoring your security system. Additionally, an alarm may cause a criminal to make a run for it, rather than hanging around and risk being caught.
  • Lock internal doors and containers with valuable items. Even if a thief or malicious person manages to break in, make it even more challenging for them by locking any internal doors, containers and safes where valuable items are stored. This can reduce their desire to search everything and provide more time for first responders to arrive.
  • Security signage is an effective deterrent to help stop any activity before it occurs. Warn people that they could be filmed, the property is monitored or alarms are set throughout the property.

If you’re looking for even more ideas to boost the layers of your security, take a look at the Victoria Police website. Read their useful information on preventing home burglaries and what to do if your home has been broken into. If you’re running a store, read their information on preventing shop theft and what to do if a theft occurs at your business. The business advice can be applicable to various types of businesses.

Use Layered Physical Security to Protect Your Property

Layered physical security is an effective strategy for protecting your property, whether commercial, not-for-profit or residential. It doesn’t necessarily have to be overly complex and include every bell and whistle either. What matters is that each step you take can further boost the protection for your property.

If you’re in the Greater Melbourne metro area and are looking for a consultation or high quality security products to suit your property, Twenty First Security can help. With over 33 years of experience in the Australian security product industry, we know what works well in our environment. Enquire with our security team today to find out more.

Window Options for Privacy and Security

Window privacy and security screen option with a white frame.

Enhancing your windows for privacy and security can be a boost to your home, business or organisation. Opportunistic thieves could use your easily visible windows as a way to find out if your property is worth breaking into. There are also options available that can help stop burglars easily shattering your windows to break in.

The Benefits of Protecting Your Windows

  • Block out prying eyes. Improve the privacy by blocking out or reducing the vision for anyone peering into your building.
  • Reduce UV light. UV rays can degrade plastics, cloth and other materials that aren’t made to withstand UV. Various others can reduce and filter out UV rays to a degree.
  • Improved security. Some window types and options are designed to be shatter resistant, making breaking through a window far more difficult for a burglar. Additionally, opportunistic thieves being unable to easily see in can stop them identifying your home, business or organisation as a target.
  • Insulation and temperature regulation. Some window options, such as fitted blinds, can help reduce heat escaping or getting inside.

Curtains and Blinds

Curtains, blinds and shades could be considered the most popular option for window privacy. They can be raised and lowered, or moved to the side, to allow light in and control visibility. Depending on their thickness and fitting, they can also help with temperature regulation.

Heavy curtains can block out the light significantly and potentially completely stop anyone peaking inside.

Reducing and stopping visibility is how they help in terms of security. In terms of physical break in security, fabric curtains and blinds won’t do much to protect your windows, unless the thief is filled with fear at the idea of being entangled in curtains.


Window shutters are a popular option for improving the privacy, security and temperature regulation of a home, business or organisation.

Interior shutters are placed on the inside of your window. They can be easily open and closed manually. Motorised options also exist that you can open by a remote. There’s a lot of options on the market, depending on the aesthetic you’re looking for. These can include painted wood and materials made to withstand humidity.

External shutters are generally installed on the outside of your window. When down, they enclose your entire window, generally in metal, which greatly enhances your privacy and security. They can be controlled manually by a winding handle or with electronic switch and motor.

Window Film

A window film is a thin material that can be applied to your windows to improve the privacy, security, UV reduction and energy efficiency of your home or business.

Window films can be a cost effective option in some cases, where you can apply them to your existing windows, rather than having to replace the entire window.

There are a range of different window films, all varying in their privacy, lighting and security features. These include tinted, frosted, patterned, reflective, decorative and security films.

Security films are designed to be shatter resistant, which can protect your windows from being broken by burglars trying to enter your property. They can also improve privacy by reducing visibility. Some window security films are considered expensive, thus you may want to weigh up the value of these verses other window options or security products like cameras, alarms and access control systems.

Window Security Mesh and Screens

Security screens and meshes exist for windows that stop people easily smashing your windows. They can also improve privacy. Numerous options exist, with many made of 316 marine grade stainless steel, which resists corrosion in humid and wet environments.

These are available not just for windows but for doors as well.

Make sure that your window screens are fixed and can’t be removed easily from the outside, otherwise they can become useless if the burglar has basic tools.

Improve Your Security Even Further

Boost the security of your property even further by complementing these window options with quality security cameras and alarm systems. Even well placed lighting can stop people trying to break in, as they could be lit up like a Christmas tree and easy to spot in their malicious act. These all act as powerful deterrents to keep intruders at bay.

Find out about how we can help you with security cameras.

Find out about how we can help you with alarm systems.

7 Tips for Preventing Package Theft

Packages at a front door that could be stolen.

The convenience of packages delivered straight to our door is undeniably fantastic. While this convenience offers a significant improvement to our lives and the ease of shopping or gifting, unfortunately some opportunistic thieves can take advantage of packages being left at premises.

According to a survey by Budget Direct in 2021, 1 in 10 Australians mentioned they have had packages stolen from their property. Then stats from Pureprofile paint an even worse picture – 1 in 4 Australians have had packages stolen from their property.

Nobody wants their packages to be stolen. To help prevent package theft, we’ve created a list of tips you can implement to deter and stop thieves at your Melbourne premises.

Make Use of Delivery Notifications

Many delivery services will send you a text on the day or before your package is about to be delivered. These can also allow you to reply to notify delivery staff that you won’t available at the property that day and can then arrange an alternative drop off.

Install CCTV / Security Cameras

Security cameras and CCTV are very effective deterrents for stopping criminals before they even attempt a theft. If a theft is to occur, they can also help you catch the criminals involved with footage that you could provide to the police.

A wide range of security cameras are available on the Australian market. Their features can include high resolution video capture, night vision, IP / internet connections and protection against the elements. Remember too that not all security cameras are made the same – cheap knock offs from overseas could end up causing more headaches then they’re worth. Twenty First Security supply and install a wide range of high quality security cameras that have been tried and tested in Australian and Victorian conditions.

Interested in having the ideal security cameras installed to suit your residential, commercial or government property in Melbourne? Contact our team at Twenty First Security and we can guide you on selecting the best security cameras for your situation, plus we’ll install them using quality methods and methods. With over 33 years of experience in Australia with security products, we know what works and what doesn’t work for Australian conditions.

Install a Motion Sensor Light

Install a security motion sensor light on the entrance way and where packages would be left at your property. If you don’t get home before dark, this can help deter opportunistic thieves from entering your property. Generally the last thing opportunistic thieves want is to be highly visible in the act.

Be Prepared for the Delivery Day

Keep up with any notifications that you receive from your delivery service and try to be at your delivery address when the package arrives.

Ask a Trusted Friend or Neighbour to Accept Delivery

If you won’t be around when your package is going to be delivered, ask a trusted friend or neighbour if the package can be delivered to their address instead.

Use a Lockbox or Parcel Container

Place a lockbox or parcel container on your property in a safe position that can be used for any deliveries. In terms of options, there’s heavy duty variations that can be weather and tamper resistant. They can also feature multiple ways to be opened, like a pin code, remote opening, key or padlock fitting.

Australia Post also offer a free parcel locker service, giving you 24/7 access to their secure storage where you can pick up your package at any time.

Use Signature Confirmation on Delivery

Request that signature confirmation is required on delivery. If somebody is home, they’ll then need to sign for the package before it can be handed over. If nobody is home to sign, the delivery provider will then return it to the depot, nearest post office or where appropriate, rather than leaving it at your property.