Give Yourself More Time While Your Business Security Is Monitored Professionally

We see it all the time when business owners don’t have time to spare, are stressed out because of this and then they are constantly checking their security systems when they’re home, out and about or trying to conduct business. A good manager knows when it is time to delegate a task. It’s absolutely understandable that you want your business to be secure, though you deserve time for yourself as well.

When you want more free time, read the tips we’ve compiled that can help you select a security monitoring service that thoroughly and effectively protects your business premises at all hours.

How Does a Monitoring Service Work?

With an ideal security provider, trained operators keep an eye on the security system of your business at specified times or all times if required. They actively check the security systems of your business for multiple potential problems such as burglary, fire, medical emergency plus even mains power and backup battery failure. If an alarm condition / problem does occur at your premises, then depending on the service level, they will dispatch the police, patrol officer, fire brigade or ambulance to the location. You can also arrange for the monitoring provider to contact you or specified contacts depending on the alarm condition.

Not All Security Monitoring Services Are Equal

There are a range of security monitoring services available in Australia, though did you know that not every one of them offers the same level of comprehensive monitoring?

Before going ahead with a security monitoring service, there’s a few points you should keep in mind:

Is the Service Active at All Hours / Days?

Depending on when your business is active, you’ll most likely want the security monitored throughout every day of the year. Quality providers offer 24 hour monitoring, 7 days a week, every day of the year.   Relax knowing that whether you’re surviving the heat of an Australian Christmas or attending that special someone’s birthday party, extensively trained professionals are working away, monitoring the security systems of your business.

Are the Operators Trained?

Check with the provider how well trained the operators are. A good reputable provider will be able to tell you the extensive training and quality standards that their staff and business are put through to deliver you a reliable and effective service.

Does the Provider Force You into a Contract?

Some security monitoring providers force you into a contract for say 6 or 12 months. Be wary of this as  there are providers out there who offer you no lock in contract services of the same if not better quality.

Will the Police Respond to an Alarm?

For police to respond to an alarm condition from a security monitoring provider, their facility must have the appropriate grading. Grade 1 monitoring facilities are the only variant which can ensure a police response to an appropriate alarm trigger.


If you feel now is the time to enhance your business with professional security monitoring that ticks all the boxes, contact Twenty First Security on 1300 315 522 or send your enquiry. Our expert team are happy to discuss the various options in detail that are available for your unique situation. With over 33 years of experience, you can be sure you’ll be receiving industry leading advice based on tried and tested products that really work.


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