Car Break In Prevention Tips

Having your car broken into definitely flips your day. Unfortunately, car break ins occur every year in Australia. According to the Crime Statistics Agency Victoria, 18,097 vehicles were reported as stolen in 2014.

In some cases, break ins can be prevented if a vehicle owner follows some very standard and simple security tips. Do what you can to avoid falling victim to criminal activity and opportunistic vehicle thieves. To help vehicle owners throughout Melbourne, we’ve compiled some very easy to follow tips that can help prevent your vehicle getting broken into.

Hide Your Valuables

Hide your valuables like wallets, phones, headphones, portable speakers and portable navigation systems. If they can be seen from the outside, these can attract opportunistic thieves. If they see nothing worthwhile, they may move on figuring that it won’t be worth the effort.

Lock Your Car Doors

Lock your car doors when you’re leaving your car. As simple as it sounds, there are people that choose to never lock their car doors, thinking “it’ll be right”. Unfortunately, opportunistic thieves often depend on this, looking for vehicles with relaxed owners that choose to not lock up their car. We’ve often heard cases where people have had their valuables or car stolen, simply because they never lock their car. Don’t give thieves the opportunity to pinch your valuables or vehicle by keeping it locked up.

Check and Close Any Open Windows

An open car or truck window makes an easy target for thieves. With an open window, a thief could easily lean in and grab what they want or unlock your door and grab even more, potentially including your vehicle. While it may be tempting to leave a window open if you’re in rush a rush or want air flow in the heat, is it really worth it to risk your valuables and your car? A bit of heat or fifteen seconds saved is a small thing to endure compared to the agony of losing your possessions.

Block or Tint Your Car Windows

Tinting and blocking your windows is effective to stop thieves looking into your car and seeing what they could steal. A dark legal tint on your windows can obscure outside vision significantly. A sun visor can be useful, along with curtains and similar. Curtains in motor homes are particularly useful for protecting against unwanted attention.

Don’t Leave Your Car Keys in the Car or Ignition

Car keys sitting on your chair, on the dash or in the ignition is incredibly tempting for vehicle thieves. If they spot these, they know that they’ll be able to start and drive off with your car if they go through the effort of breaking in. Car thieves that are just after a joy ride won’t care if they just have to deal with a broken window. Prevent the temptation by hiding your extra keys or better yet, just take them with you.

Install a Security System

A security system and immobiliser can deter and stop thieves in the act. Some of these security systems include decals that you can place on your car windows, providing an effective visual deterrent to opportunistic thieves. Newer vehicles generally include an alarm and immobiliser. Many older vehicles can be fitted with a security system to suit. Some security systems can send an alert to your mobile device if an alarm condition, such as a broken window, is detected. Hidden switches or “kill switches” can be implemented that must be switched on for the vehicle to start, helping slow down and stop car theft attempts. GPS tracking systems are also available which can provide you with the location of your vehicle in the worst case situation of your car being stolen. Speak to a trusted auto electrician and vehicle security product supplier about what is possible with your vehicle.

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