4 Processes to Secure Your Business Property

Implementing effective security practices for your business will help deter criminals, enhance the safety of your employees and improve the trust of your customer or client base.

Criminal activity towards businesses is something business owners need to be aware of. According to the Crime Statistics Agency Victoria, crimes relating to “Property and deception offences”, which includes theft, increased in 2019 compared to 2017 and 2018.

The 4 processes included here to secure your business property are useful for small, medium and large-sized businesses.

1. Instill Security Conscious Habits into Your Team

The security of your property can easily be hardened by instilling security conscious habits throughout your team.

As simple as it may sound, make sure your employees lock up if they’re the last at your location. Train them on using any computers in a safe and secure manner, along with ensuring software is up to date where applicable.

Require strong passwords and multi-step authentication where possible. This can relate to access control systems and various digital, web or intranet systems that your team uses. These extra long passwords and multiple verification methods may take a little bit of extra effort at some points, though these extra security methods can greatly enhance the protection of your business.

2. Access Control Systems

Protocols to control the access of anyone entering or existing your business is an incredibly effective method of tightening your security. Modern access control systems and biometric systems allow you to use a range of different methods of verification. A very common method of access verification is equipping your staff with key cards and sensors that verify the key card allows access, thus unlocking the door.

3. Ensure Entrances and Windows Have High Quality Locks

Not just a tip for homes, high quality locks do make a difference in protecting your commercial property. Make sure all windows and doors include strong locks that can withstand a degree of tampering. Locks can also deter opportunistic thieves.

4. Lighting and Surveillance Make a Difference

Criminals, particularly the burglar type, don’t want to be under the spotlight nor do they want to be recorded. Lighting and CCTV systems are great visible deterrents. If a crime were to occur, the footage can help you report the issue to the police. Make sure your light fittings and cameras are difficult to reach, remove or damage for any opportunistic criminals.

If you have questions about enhancing the security to protect your business and you’re in the Melbourne area, contact our expert team. As licensed security technicians with over 33 years of experience, we’ll use our industry-leading knowledge to help you quickly, thoroughly and cost-effectively.

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