3 Trends We See in 2019 for Access Control Security Systems

Technology changes at an incredibly fast rate and the technology behind  access control systems is not external of this.

We’re always keeping on top of the latest security hardware in the Australian market (it’s what we do). Here are 3 of the big trends shaping access control systems in 2019.

Mobile Verification and Management

Smart phones of today have revolutionised the way many of us live with an incredible conveniance. More and more customers desire the ability to use their mobile to monitor and modify their access control system, whether it’s at work or home. Common desires from customers include:

  • The ability for them to be informed by text or call as soon as a access control system detects a break in attempt / failed code attempt.
  • To be able to open and unlock the entrances and exits from their phone or tablet wherever they are.
  • Set and modify user access from their phone or tablet.

There’s a large demand for these mobile capabilities not only from residential security users but from businesses and organisations of all sizes.

Many manufacturers are actively creating mobile applications and integrating their products with smart phones and tablets to keep up with the rising demand and new capable mobile devices available. It’s an exciting area of development in terms of business security and conveniance.

Video Management

Quickly being able to see who is attempting to enter your premises via your mobile device or control panel is desired among all levels of access control security consumers. Consumer demand along with faster, more powerful internet networks and devices keep manufacturers busy to constantly upgrade and enhance their video related features.

Cameras are becoming more powerful and less costly for effective results. 4K/8MP camera options for example continue to improve in terms of cost and performance (continuing on from 2018). The integration of these powerful cameras with access control systems is desired by many security users for their extensive benefits of sharper, more detailed images with higher quality low light.

Cloud-based Access Control

Following from the integration with mobile devices, people and in particular large companies want to be able to monitor and modify their access control systems from any location and any device, in particular their phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Cloud-based access control systems can provide a user with the ability to store their data securely and external of their premises or device. Backups can be easily obtainable through this method, giving residential and commercial users new flexiblity and peace of mind in terms of costly and sometimes troublesome data storage. As digital data storage solutions improve, the cloud-based options are becoming increasibly effective and worthwhile.

Cloud based access control systems are particuarly popular for larger organisations and businesses. With the constant development of technologies and availability of better security systems for the average person, cloud-based access control systems are becoming more and more popular for people at home and with small businesses.


To find out more how an access control security system could help you in 2019, contact our expert team at Twenty First Security.

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