6 Tips To Secure Your House While Selling It

The process of selling your house can be a huge effort. You want to make this process as easy and trouble free as possible for you and your potential buyers. As part of that process, you’ll want to think about the security, privacy and safety of your property. Something like a theft or injury is the last thing you need.

Before you have any prospective buyers visit, follow these 6 tips to secure your house while selling it. These tips aim to help you reduce the risk of a theft, injury or other unneeded circumstances.

1. Hide Valuables

Hide, remove and lock away any small valuables throughout your home. Depending at what stage you are of selling and moving out, consider removing as many appropriate valuables as possible. This can reduce the risk of any opportunistic thefts. If you’re having an open house inspection, your real estate most likely won’t have the time to follow everyone around either.

2. Remove Family Photos

Remove your family photos from throughout your home to protect the privacy of your family.

3. Remove Prescription Medications

Remove and lock up any prescription medications before any showings. Like your valuables, you want to keep these safe.

4. Show Your Home by Appointment Only

Be aware of unexpected visitors. Only meet with people by scheduled appointments. If you’re using a real estate agent, make sure your real estate agent is present.

5. Make Your Home Safe for Visitors

Before you have any prospective buyers visit, make sure to remove any dangerous objects or tools and fix anything that someone could injure themselves on.

6. Perform Housekeeping After Viewings

After each open house inspection or viewing, go through your house and make sure all windows are closed and locked, the taps are off and any appliances or the stove have been switched off. Prospective buyers might check out these parts of your house to ensure they work before buying.

By following these 6 tips to secure your house while selling it, you can help protect your belongings and the privacy of your family. If you’re using a real estate, check with them too as to what they advise you to do before and after any inspections from potential buyers.

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