What Is an 8MP Security Camera?

Today there are a huge range of security cameras on the Australian market. You may have heard of 8MP security cameras. What are 8MP security cameras and how can they benefit you? Are they any better than 2MP or 4MP security cameras?

MP Means Megapixel

MP stands for megapixel, where 1MP equals one million pixels. In the case of 8MP cameras, they would have eight million pixels. 8MP security cameras are considered high resolution cameras.

High Resolution Cameras Can Capture Greater Detail

8MP security cameras can capture footage in far greater detail. This is incredibly useful when zooming in on the recorded footage to identify intricate details like number plates, signage on a vehicle or a person’s face.

More Pixels Isn’t Necessarily Better

While greater detail has its definite benefits, high resolution cameras do have their drawbacks in this day and age. 8MP security cameras are more expensive generally. They also require greater bandwidth and storage for their large video files. Very cheap high resolution cameras can also be a terrible trap, where while they may offer a high resolution, they could handle lighting very poorly and give you a less than satisfactory image. Thus if your going for a high resolution camera, consider a good quality camera to make it worthwhile. For low light and night vision cameras, the best cameras of this type are currently around the 4MP to 5MP range. None the less, developments in high resolution cameras continue, plus they are gradually becoming more affordable or available.

4K and 8MP Security Cameras

4K, also known as Ultra HD, is 8MP and has the resolution of 3840×2160.

Read our article on 4K security cameras to find out more about them and if they’re worth it for your purposes.

If you’re interested in an 8MP high resolution security camera to protect your business or home in Melbourne, our team are here to help. For over 34 years, we have advised home and business owners with quality security cameras and systems that have been thoroughly tested and work well in Australian conditions. To find out more, give us a call now on 1300 315 522.

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