4 Easy Methods to Improve the Security of Your Home

Enhancing the security of your home can give you that extra piece of mind, knowing that your loved ones and property have a security advantage. Unfortunately even the safest of neighbourhoods can experience burglaries. These simple security methods can really make the difference, helping you keep thieves and vandals away from your home and if the worse were to occur, help you catch them or more so, report them to the police easily.

1. Add Exterior Lighting

House burglars don’t want to be in the spotlight, drawing attention. Make sure the entrances to your home are well-lit. You can also place your lights in fittings / covers that require tools to remove, making it more difficult for burglars if they try to remove light bulbs to darken the area.

2. Install Cameras

CCTV cameras act as a fantastic deterrent, scaring off potential vandals or thieves. Place cameras in positions where they can cover all entrances/exits to your home. When selecting a camera, watch out for cheap products – they can leave you with more headaches than solutions. High quality outdoor cameras exist on the market that can endure the rain and brutal Australian conditions. Depending on your system, the footage can be accessed by your devices using mobile apps or web-based applications, giving you the ability to easily monitor your property and record problems if they occur.

3. Make Use of a Security Consultation

Licensed security experts and some locksmiths can provide you with an onsite security consultation where. They will inspect your property, confirm with you your security goals and then provide you with a range of recommendations to suit you. Use only quality Australian licensed / certified security providers that are experienced with residential and/or commercial security.

If you’re in the Melbourne area and are looking for a high quality, trained and licensed security consultation for your property, our expert team are able to assist. Simply contact us to find out more and book your consultation.

4. Utilise Integrated Smart Technology

The internet of things tech and similar smart technology can help you automate and protect your property easily and conveniently. Many modern camera systems allow you both view and listen to video and audio from the camera, using mobile apps or web browsers. Various smart lights can also be configured to turn on during certain times of day or turn on at random patterns, particularly useful if you’re away as this can give the image that someone is home and moving through the rooms.

Bonus Tip: Get a Dog

For some, you could already have a dog, it could be a fantastic addition to your family or a dog may be not as straightforward as these other methods for some home owners. The fact is though that dogs are fantastic deterrents for residential properties (and can be for commercial properties as well, such as card yards/wrecking yards).

According to The Guardian and 12 former burglars interviewed by Co-op Insurance, loud barking dogs are one of the greatest deterrents that would scare them off from breaking into a place. Many burglars are opportunistic and want a quick robbery job, avoiding complex situations where they could draw attention.

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