Where to Install Security Cameras in Your Business

Security cameras can help greatly with securing a business. Visible security cameras act as a deterrent and capture footage that can be used to identify and stop criminal activity or anti-social behaviour. Using CCTV can improve the safety of your staff, customers, clients and other stakeholders visiting your business. Another benefit is to reduce or stop theft or damage to stock and equipment.

To make a CCTV security system as effective as possible, each camera should be installed in an optimal position that suits your recording goals and the environment. We’ve compiled a helpful guide for businesses covering where to install a CCTV system in your business.

When using security cameras, always adhere to the required surveillance and privacy laws. For Australian businesses, the business.gov.au website lists helpful information and resources on privacy legislation and surveillance regulation.

The Exterior Entry and Exit Points

Spotting an unauthorised entry attempt before and when it is occurring can make a big difference to how quickly and effectively your business can resolve the situation.
When installing external cameras, ensure that they are rated and protected to deal with the environment including elements like weatherproofing / rain, moisture and constant UV exposure.

Visible Locations

Making cameras visible on your property can be a powerful deterrent to both stop criminal activity and anti-social behaviour before it occurs.

Points of Sale

Cameras above cash registers and payment devices can deter and stop theft, whether they’re customers or your employees. You’ll want the camera positioned at a good height that can capture footage of the customer and employee’s face. Position the camera too high and you could just end up with footage of the top of the person’s head, which may not be useful.

Blind Spots and Secluded Areas

Are there areas at your business where your staff can’t see? Or other areas that aren’t actively checked? Cameras recording secluded areas like dumpsters at the back of a store can benefit the safety of staff and help stop criminal activity.

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