Window Options for Privacy and Security

Enhancing your windows for privacy and security can be a boost to your home, business or organisation. Opportunistic thieves could use your easily visible windows as a way to find out if your property is worth breaking into. There are also options available that can help stop burglars easily shattering your windows to break in.

The Benefits of Protecting Your Windows

  • Block out prying eyes. Improve the privacy by blocking out or reducing the vision for anyone peering into your building.
  • Reduce UV light. UV rays can degrade plastics, cloth and other materials that aren’t made to withstand UV. Various others can reduce and filter out UV rays to a degree.
  • Improved security. Some window types and options are designed to be shatter resistant, making breaking through a window far more difficult for a burglar. Additionally, opportunistic thieves being unable to easily see in can stop them identifying your home, business or organisation as a target.
  • Insulation and temperature regulation. Some window options, such as fitted blinds, can help reduce heat escaping or getting inside.

Curtains and Blinds

Curtains, blinds and shades could be considered the most popular option for window privacy. They can be raised and lowered, or moved to the side, to allow light in and control visibility. Depending on their thickness and fitting, they can also help with temperature regulation.

Heavy curtains can block out the light significantly and potentially completely stop anyone peaking inside.

Reducing and stopping visibility is how they help in terms of security. In terms of physical break in security, fabric curtains and blinds won’t do much to protect your windows, unless the thief is filled with fear at the idea of being entangled in curtains.


Window shutters are a popular option for improving the privacy, security and temperature regulation of a home, business or organisation.

Interior shutters are placed on the inside of your window. They can be easily open and closed manually. Motorised options also exist that you can open by a remote. There’s a lot of options on the market, depending on the aesthetic you’re looking for. These can include painted wood and materials made to withstand humidity.

External shutters are generally installed on the outside of your window. When down, they enclose your entire window, generally in metal, which greatly enhances your privacy and security. They can be controlled manually by a winding handle or with electronic switch and motor.

Window Film

A window film is a thin material that can be applied to your windows to improve the privacy, security, UV reduction and energy efficiency of your home or business.

Window films can be a cost effective option in some cases, where you can apply them to your existing windows, rather than having to replace the entire window.

There are a range of different window films, all varying in their privacy, lighting and security features. These include tinted, frosted, patterned, reflective, decorative and security films.

Security films are designed to be shatter resistant, which can protect your windows from being broken by burglars trying to enter your property. They can also improve privacy by reducing visibility. Some window security films are considered expensive, thus you may want to weigh up the value of these verses other window options or security products like cameras, alarms and access control systems.

Window Security Mesh and Screens

Security screens and meshes exist for windows that stop people easily smashing your windows. They can also improve privacy. Numerous options exist, with many made of 316 marine grade stainless steel, which resists corrosion in humid and wet environments.

These are available not just for windows but for doors as well.

Make sure that your window screens are fixed and can’t be removed easily from the outside, otherwise they can become useless if the burglar has basic tools.

Improve Your Security Even Further

Boost the security of your property even further by complementing these window options with quality security cameras and alarm systems. Even well placed lighting can stop people trying to break in, as they could be lit up like a Christmas tree and easy to spot in their malicious act. These all act as powerful deterrents to keep intruders at bay.

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