Why You Should Consider a Security System for Your Holiday Home

We too often hear of break ins and thefts at holiday homes. Dealing with a robbery and damage to your property is a painful process that can leave you out of pocket.

Strong deterrents, quality locks and a comprehensive security system can make the difference. These features can stop criminals even attempting anything, plus depending on the security system you use, help ward them off or catch them in the act.

We’ve compiled a straightforward list of security elements to consider for your holiday home or rental. We understand that some of these may not be simple for some properties, such as for some very remote properties, though any step made towards improving the security of your premises can make a difference.

Deterrents Make a Big Difference

Well placed cameras and durable locks show to thieves that breaking into your property will not be easy. This can be enough to deter opportunistic thieves who instead aim for an easier target.

Easy to Use Access Control Systems

Numerous access control systems exist on the market today that are easy to use. These can help you control who can access your property while also simplifying access for people.

Twenty First Security offer a wide range of high quality access control systems, tested in Australian conditions.

Don’t Forget the Simple Things Like Lighting and Good Locks

Criminals don’t necessarily want to be lit up like a Christmas tree when they’re breaking into someone’s property. Place lighting around access areas and doors to make anyone attempting to enter visible.

High quality locks do make a difference. They’re harder to pick and cut, which can stall thieves or stop them there and then.

Consider installing window guards. Avoid the prison bar look and find something that suits the aesthetic of your holiday rental. These are fantastic for stopping windows as easy access points.

If you would like help identifying a security system to suit your holiday property, our Melbourne-based expert team are here to help. Contact our qualified security technicians on 1300 315 522 to discuss your requirements.

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