4 Tips to Remain Secure While Renovating Your Home

New renovations can really brighten up your home, creating that ideal space that you’ve always dreamt of. The last thing you want during this process is to have someone violate the security of your home, causing theft of your valuables or damage to the property.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard some true horror stories of opportunistic thieves taking advantage of renovations on a home. Do your research and implement these simple measures to protect your property and valuables during renovations.

Communicate with and Research Your Contractors

Not all builders / contractors are created equal. When selecting the right contractor, do your research about them, check any reviews, plus ask what training and credentials they have. Ask when they’ll be at your property and how many will be working at your property. See what measures they have in place to protect their clients/customers.

Install Effective Lighting

Keeping any entries/exits well lit at night is a valuable addition for any property. The last thing a thief wants is to be lit up like a Christmas tree and spotted in the act. Security lighting (like motion sensor lights or lights in fixed, difficult to remove positions) also works well in a space of active renovations, reducing any cover criminals may have in a normally dark or dim area.

Relocate Valuables to a Safe Area

Do you particular valuables such as jewellery or family heirlooms that you’re concerned about? Consider moving these to a safer, locked area of the house or if need be, keep them at the residence of a friend or family member that you trust. High security storage services also exist in Melbourne and parts of Australia.

Use Locks With Quality Keys or a Access Control System

Ensure your property has high quality locks and if you need to provide your tradesperson with a key, use the types that cannot be duplicated easily without a particular level of authorisation from you. Access control systems exist that allow you to control who enters your property. When integrated with various security products, access control systems can also record who enters and exits your property and at what time they do.

If you’re looking for more advice about securing your home during renovations, contact our expert security team. We’ll provide you with industry leading solutions and product options to suit your home and family.

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