How a Video Intercom Can Improve Your Property Security and Access

A video intercom can provide a fantastic benefit to the security of a property. An intercom can also make it easier for people in terms of access control. They’re great for businesses and residences, giving people effective control over who can safely enter a premises.

What is a Video Intercom System?

A video intercom system is a device or more so devices that provide the ability of two-way communications. Video intercoms in particular transmit both video and audio. Intercom systems also exist that transmit audio only. Generally they’re installed at a front gate or door.

Intercoms also complement or include an access control system, which allows the property owner or renter to easily unlock the door where a visitor is requesting access.

Security Benefits of a Video Intercom

Intercoms allow people to check who is looking to gain access to their building. The addition of video to audio lets a user thoroughly check who is potentially entering the building. When the person inside is comfortable providing access to the visitor, they generally can just hit a button which will open the relevant door.

Intercoms are effective for housing complexes, large businesses, not-for-profits and government premises.

Access Benefits

An intercom can be very useful for avoiding missed deliveries. An alert is sent to the tenant or owner when someone presses the relevant intercom button. The tenant or owner could then grant access to the courier, then ensure the front gate or door is locked once the courier leaves. This is very useful for residences, businesses and organisations, particularly for those in large complexes.

Some intercom systems also integrate with an app. If you like the convenience of being able to oversee who wants to enter your property from your smart phone or tablet, then look at quality intercom systems to suit. These can even allow you to provide access to someone when you’re not at home, such as if you have a tradesperson doing work at your home.

From a pandemic perspective, intercoms can be very useful for reducing contact while maintaining a high level of security. Hotels for example can benefit as the hotel manager can see who is accessing the room and facilities, while the guest experiences high quality security while they stay there.

Why a Intercom Should Be Professionally Installed

A professional and experience security product and intercom installer knows what will work best for your situation. They can install the system at an appropriate height and test it thoroughly to ensure it works for your needs.

A wired intercom offers fast and effective data transmission, though requires cables to be run throughout the property where needed. For an effective access control and intercom system, you want to be sure that the components and wiring used are of a reliable quality and made to withstand its environment. All of this takes considerable time to research and install, which is why it can be more effective on a security and cost front to use an experienced and qualified installer that is well versed on what works well.

A professional security product installer will also most likely fit the system in a clean and aesthetically pleasing manner. If you have a commercial property or even a nice residential property, a good looking entrance with an intercom to suit can help with those first impressions.

Need a Video Intercom at Your Property in Melbourne?

If you’re interested in improving the security and ease of access to your Melbourne property with a video intercom, we can help. For over 30 years, we have helped Australian businesses and property owners transform their security for the better. Our qualified and accredited security technicians can advise you on the best solution to suit your needs, property and budget. Visit our intercom system section to find out more or contact us by calling 1300 315 522.

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