Do Fake Security Cameras Actually Work?

In recent years, fake security cameras (dummy cameras) have become an alternative to traditional security cameras. Cheaper than real cameras, they are designed to look like the real thing. This has made them popular with some people. However, before you’re tempted to buy one, inform yourself properly.

How Do Fake Security Cameras Work?

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are made to look like a real security camera. Unlike a real security camera with a functional surveillance system, they work on a non-functional surveillance system via batteries. They usually have a blinking red light, their most prominent feature.

Cons of Fake Security Cameras

These cameras are cheap for a reason and ultimately come with more cons than pros for homeowners and business owners.

Blinking Red Light Gives Them Away

The blinking red light is rarely found on real security cameras, so this is an instant give away. It might deceive an amateur burglar, but to an experienced criminal, it’s easily detected. The red light exists to give people an impression of a functional security system being in place.

Gives You a False Sense of Security

It’s relatively easy to get a false sense of security with these cameras. You can become comfortable and somewhat lax with your own personal security measures. It’s easy to think a camera is better than no camera. You might even accidentally tell neighbours and other people. They could use this knowledge to their advantage.

Records No Criminal Activity

Given they have no control system or actual recording hardware, video footage cannot be recorded. Thus, if criminal activity has occurred on your premises, you won’t have any easily identifiable evidence to assist the police in solving the crime.

Legal Trouble

You might find yourself in legal trouble with these fake cameras. In the case of a business, your staff may be depending on these cameras to assist in protecting them. If a violent crime or theft were to occur at your business, staff may take issue with these cameras not actually recording any footage.

In all, it’s better to invest in a real camera that gives you real security. The extra cost can be well worth it. Contact our Australian security experts today to find out more about our great range of real security cameras.

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