When a Professional Security System Installation Beats a DIY Job


It’s time to protect your property, assets and family with a quality security system that keeps your home and business safe. Though what do you pick? There’s a huge range of options available on the market today; some of these options are great, some you should steer clear of. It can be confusing and worrisome, though with a industry professional helping you, you can save a lot of time and receive the security you need to keep what’s important to you safe.

You’re right about needing to protect your property and loved ones too, with burglary / break and enter crimes not stopping any time soon in Victoria. According to the Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) that publishes Victorian crime statistics, there were 40,397 cases of burglaries along with break and enter cases during 2018 (see stats).

Peace of Mind That the System Works

There is the potential that if a security system isn’t setup properly, it will fail to work during a break in or other alarm condition. Obviously this is exactly what you don’t want.

It can be tricky to setup and test a wired or wireless security system. This is where a professional has the expertise to effectively setup and test your system so you can be assured it will work if an alarm condition were to occur.


When installing a security system yourself, you’ll find the components / individual parts may come with a warranty. If you are to incorrectly install them or damage them, it would most likely void the warranty on the system.

When a quality professional installs your security system, you will receive a warranty for the system and the work they have conducted. This added peace of mind can be well worth the cost of a professional assisting you.

Before going ahead with a professional, make sure to ask them for the details of the warranty they offer with their systems. Whether using a professional or a DIY option, a quality provider or manufacturer should offer a good warranty to suit.

A Clean and Quick Installation

A skilled provider will be able to install your security system quickly and cleanly. No messy wires, no dodgy exposed cables and no headaches from you trying to figure out what cables go where (they’ll take care of all of this for you).

Industry Knowledge Providing What Works Best for Your Situation

The security product market is constantly changing. Not every security product is created equal, either. Navigating this confusion and complexity can be made quick and painless with advice from a quality Australian security product provider. Their experience and extensive knowledge of the industry and what works well in Australia can fast track you towards having an effective system that protects your home, business and any other premises.


When you’re looking for a security system that is effective, powerful and integrates subtly with your premises, then give our professional team at Twenty First Security a call now on 1300 315 522 or send your enquiry.

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