Why Healthcare Facilities and Providers Need to Maintain Their Security

Safety for Your Staff and Patients

The staff and patients at a facility should feel safe. This can boost the morale of staff, reduce turnover and improve their efficiency. People talk too – if a facility doesn’t feel safe, then patients could recommend other people to not visit that particular facility.

Depending on the facility, security staff could be an effective addition. Having security staff and professionals that are trained to handle security matters can help have situations resolved promptly while also protecting your staff and patients. Camera monitoring can help alert staff and security to any malicious and anti-social behaviour.

Access control systems can be a very effective addition to a healthcare facility. For example, potential patients can be first screened before a staff member presses a button to release the appropriate door lock. After hours cleaners, contracted professionals and medical staff can benefit with improved access management via keycodes / keypads and access cards. Access control systems can also log when entrances and exits are used, including log information such as the date, time and who holds that access.

Protection of Records and Equipment

Healthcare facilities and providers can hold a range of information and equipment that is of a organisational, commercial or personal concern. Protecting this is vital for the running of the facility / business and the wellbeing of your patients.

Cyber security is an important element of any computer network and database. Computers throughout a facility should be operated in a security-conscious manner, with staff trained to do so. Routine malware scans and maintenance performed by IT professionals can help ensure computers continue to run quickly and do not become compromised. Regular backups can also be of benefit, provided the backups are secured.

Protecting your records from physical intrusion is also important. A malicious user physically reaching and using a computer could quickly obtain protected information about patients, staff and organisational elements.

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