Security Tips for the Festive Season

The festive season is a time where people might be enjoying a well deserved break from work, catching up with family and going away on holiday. Unfortunately though the festive period can also see a spike in offences related to property. In the rush of this time of year, people can often forget about security. Though security through the festive season doesn’t have to be tough on you. Here are some simple tips you can use to keep your home or business safe during the festive season.

Don’t Post Pictures of Gifts or When You’re Away on Social Media

It is exciting to receive gifts and spend time at fantastic holiday destinations. It can be tempting to share this with everyone you’re connected with on social media, though you should be very cautious of doing so. Thieves can use this information from Facebook or Instagram to determine if you’re away and if robbing your property will be worthwhile, with all of those new festive season gifts. If you really want to share your experience, you could alternatively privately contact someone that you know and trust well, rather than sharing it with everyone on your broad social media profile.

Keep Your Windows Secure

Before going away, make sure all your windows and entrances to your home or business are secure. Good quality locks on windows and doors make a big difference.

Lock Up Sheds and Garages

Make sure your garage or shed is locked, along with any onsite building that contain tools and ladders. Thieves could use these to actually break into your home or business, such as using a ladder to get to a higher level of the building.

Don’t Leave Large Boxes from Presents and New Purchases Outside

Leaving the large boxes from TVs, bikes and other new purchases on the curb for rubbish pickup can draw the attention of thieves. Instead, break these boxes up and put them in your recycling bin.

Light Up Entrances to Your Home

Burglars don’t want to be obvious and lit up like a Christmas tree if they’re attempting to break in. Install lights at each entrance to your home. Modern lights can be automated to turn on and off at certain times. They can also be controlled remotely with various apps and web services available today.

Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

If it’s obvious nobody is home, this can definitely encourage opportunistic thieves to strike. Do what you can to make it look like someone is home at your property. Avoid leaving the bins out if you’re going away. Ask a neighbour you know and trust to bring your bins back in and collect your mail. Empty bins left out and mail piling up can be an obvious sign that nobody is home. Consider automated lighting for entrances and exits around your home, along with even automating a light in the house.

Don’t Rely on a Cheap DIY Security System

Unfortunately there are a lot of DIY security systems on the market that can be prone to fail. Some of these DIY cameras are very easy to evade or damage, without a backup readily available. Consider having a security system professionally installed that is suited to the layout of your property and can also include various backup features to protect recorded data and keep the system running. A security system specialist can advise you on appropriate placement of cameras, along with a robust system that is made to endure and do the job well. Our expert security technicians on Twenty First Security can advise you on quality systems that are tested in Australian environments. If you’re looking for a security system to protect your property in Melbourne this festive season, enquire with our expert security team.

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