Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Security System

It’s important that you maintain your security system to keep it in good working order. It can be easy to forget about it or put it on the back burner, though your security system (whether for your home or commercial premises) is vital to keeping your property safe. Follow our best tips for easy to follow methods for keeping your security system running optimally.

Don’t Ignore Any Signals

Often when a security system is malfunctioning or just not working as best as it could, it gives off signals. These could be a flashing light that doesn’t normally flash or a buzzing noise or any other sound that’s not supposed to be there. Don’t just simply ignore such signals, contact your security company and get them checked out.

Test Your Control Panel

Your control panel is the very heart of your security system so it’s essential that it’s in full working order. Ideally, you should test it every 6-12 months to make sure it’s working. Get a qualified security technician to come out and do further testing if there are ongoing issues.

Stay Aware of Updates

Just like with software updates for your phone or computer, there are updates for security systems. It’s important that you are aware of them as they can impact the functionality of your security system. Stay in the loop by speaking to your security company and if instructed by your security product provider, check for and install updates if your device offers them.

Schedule Inspections

Treat inspections of your security system like a medical check-up. Often, we dread them or just procrastinate over them, though we know they are important. The same applies to your security system inspections. You can, of course, carry out a DIY inspection, but just like with a doctor, you can’t go past a professional. A security inspection should ideally be carried out every 12 months.

Check Your Camera Placements

Make sure that your camera is positioned correctly, is producing clear images and is actually recording your property. Speaking with a security expert will help establish where the best placement for a camera is on your property. They will help identify potential blind spots in your property based on its layout and structure.

By implementing these simple and highly practical tips, you can rest assured that your security system will be in top working order. Contact our security team at Twenty First Security for more tips and inquiries about maintaining your security.

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