5 Methods to Secure Your Retail Store in Melbourne

Theft and damage unfortunately does occur for retail stores in Melbourne and throughout the state of Victoria. In 2023, the ABC reported on the statistics revealing a sharp jump in shoplifting across Victoria.

Business owners want their staff and customers to feel safe, along with keeping their stock secure until a sale is made. Towards this aim, we’ve compiled five methods for Melbourne-based and Australian businesses that can be used to help secure retail stores. Following these security steps can help reduce theft, malicious damage and harassment of staff. Make sure to follow all legal requirements too for your council, state etc when recording and engaging with customers.

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Security Cameras

Security cameras have the benefit of both deterring criminal activity and catching criminals in the act. Well placed security cameras throughout a store can provide the benefits of reducing / stopping theft and catching repeat offenders in the act.

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Security Guards

Professional security guards provide a presence that can deter shoplifting and malicious acts. Their efforts can be used to escort, report and catch criminals, along with people engaging in anti-social behaviour. Their presence can also improve the safety and morale of your staff, plus they can handle the criminal situations, rather than risking the safety of your staff.

Security Alarms

Security alarm systems are an effective addition for a store’s security. Visibility and signage of alarms can deter criminal activity. Alarms can generate lights and sounds that alert the criminal that they’ve been detected and thus potentially scaring them off, along with drawing attention to the area. They can be connected to notification services to alert you, staff and security providers to an alarm breach.

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Access Control Systems

Access control systems provide people with a range of methods to securely access premises, along with logging and monitoring with people access and exit the premises. These methods to access and exit the premises can include key cards, key pads and codes, along with mobile phone verification apps.

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After Hours Monitoring

Theft and malicious damage can occur after hours for many businesses. Depending on your location, this could be a significant issue.

Security systems can alert you if an alarm condition occurs or if movement occurs in your store. These alerts can be in the form of calls, text notifications and app notifications, to name a few. Prompt alerts can provide you and others with the opportunity to respond quickly to a problem in your store.

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Bonus Tip: Implement a Store Security Policy

A store security policy can help stop new criminal acts and repeat offenders.

Bag checks could be a part of the store policy when customers use your store, though check all appropriate legal requirements first. Bag checks can deter theft, help recover lost items and stop offenders.

Once identified through footage, some stores choose to ban repeat offenders from their stores. Again, make suse that you follow all appropriate laws regarding this area.

More Bonus Tips from Victoria Police

Victoria Police have a detailed page on their website about preventing shop theft and what to do if there is a theft in your store.

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