The Benefits of a Wireless Security Camera System

A wireless security camera system can be an effective and convenient method of improving security on your property. Everyone’s case is different though and before selecting a system, you should find out what the benefits are of a wireless system verses a wired system.

The big benefit about wireless security cameras is that they transmit data wirelessly from the camera to a receiver. This means you don’t have to run a data cable through your building or property.

A Wireless Security Camera System Still Needs a Power Source

While data can be transmitted without any wires, you generally still need a cable to power the camera. Battery and solar powered battery options do exist though which make these cameras a truly wireless option.

Battery Powered Cameras

Battery powered options also exist. These battery-based cameras are useful when you don’t have continual access to the mains / a power source or the camera could be portable, such as in a vehicle / bus. To save battery, these wireless cameras are generally motion sensor based. With constant remote viewing and high foot traffic, these wireless cameras can chew through the battery quickly though. Purely battery-based cameras will also need to have their battery replaced (if they don’t have a solar panel to recharge them), thus you should consider how convenient they will be for the locations you require to be monitored. In some cases of a battery powered camera like previously mentioned, wired options or at least a wire for power may be more efficient for battery use and changing.

Cellular Cameras

Cellular security camera systems also exist. These are useful if you don’t have a WiFi or internet connection. They still allow you to access a remote review, receive motion alerts and record onsite. Some even include solar power options if no mains power source is available. 4G and 3G options are currently available on the Australian and Melbourne security product market.

Environmentally-friendly Options

Looking for something a bit more environmentally-friendly? Select a camera with a rechargeable battery that can be powered by a solar panel.

When selecting a wireless security camera system, you want the best solution for your unique situation and environment. Speak to a qualified security expert to find out what current cameras on the Australian market suit your needs. Our qualified team at Twenty First Security are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Get in touch with us today.

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