COVID-19 is Moving People Towards Touchless Security Systems

The pandemic is causing many businesses and not-for-profits to reconsider how they interact physically with stakeholders. Consumers are pushed more towards touchless payment systems, like Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass. Some airports are making the switch to touchless systems for check ins. Even security and access control systems like key cards and biometric scanners are being reconsidered to deal with the pandemic situation.

Biometric Security Systems

Biometric access control and security systems have become standard for many businesses and the convenience that they offer. No complex constantly changing passwords are required, instead using a person’s fingerprint or a form of retina or facial recognition. These systems are a lot more difficult to breach than some more traditional security methods, partly thanks to further improvements in biometric technology like liveness detection and 3D facial recognition.

Access Control

Along with biometric options, numerous access control systems exist on the Australian market which can vary greatly in complexity. These system include and are not limited to key based options, key cards, intercoms, digital door locks and keypads. The benefit of access control can be fantastic for helping businesses, organisations and residents improve and monitor their security.

Moving Towards Touchless Systems

Where some of these security systems mentioned above fall short throughout the pandemic is when users have to touch them. Numerous members of the public have fears that some surfaces could hold virus risks, prompting people to avoid physical security systems wherever possible. The revenue of and investment in contactless biometrics is expected to increase this year ( Systems like touchpads/keypads, physical keys and fingerprint scanners may see a drop from the pandemic.

Fortunately, for the safety of your stakeholders, touchless alternatives do exist on the market today and are being readily improved. Facial recognition technology doesn’t require a user to touch anything. Various teams throughout the world are working on technological improvements so users can continue wearing masks and the facial recognition will continue to function properly. Numerous key card systems also allow you to place the key card near the sensor without having to actually touch it.

Twenty First Security has implemented numerous touchless systems over the years and we keep on top of the security industry developments to benefit all of our customers/clients. Enquire with our expert security team today if you’re interested in moving towards touchless systems and protecting your stakeholders. Stay well, look after yourself and those around you.

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