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CCTV (closed circuit television) provides you with extra security to protect what's important to you. We offer a range of quality video surveillance products for your commercial, non-profit and domestic needs at competitive rates. All of our CCTV products are provided and installed by our fully trained and licensed technicians.

CCTV cameras mounted on a commercial building in Melbourne.

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Twenty First Security takes great pleasure in introducing to you our extensive range of CCTV products, video surveillance products and associated installation and maintenance services. These include Hi Resolution colour cameras, Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras, dome cameras, day and night cameras, infrared illumination and digital video recorders (DVRs).

When providing a video surveillance security solution, Twenty First Security works with you to plan, design, engineer and implement your control. Demand for covert surveillance in small business is growing, cameras don't lie and covert cameras catch business theft and misconduct - covert cameras offer precise evidence.

By establishing a working partnership with renowned video surveillance product manufacturers and suppliers, Twenty First Security has engineered advanced systems to help create safe and secure environments. Our wide range will allow you to choose the perfect setup for your surveillance needs, giving you the ultimate in security systems.

So if you need to reinforce security for places such as your home, convenience or jewellery store, petrol station, bank or school, our huge range of cameras, monitors, PTZ's, DVR's and video transmission (off-site monitoring) systems are sure to suit your needs.

Quality Video Surveillance and CCTV Systems

Twenty First Century are proud to offer an extensive range of quality CCTV and video surveillance systems. We only use products with a strong reputation for reliability and high quality such as Bosch and Sony. By supplying, installing and maintaining powerful security systems, we have helped countless Australian businesses and residents protect their property.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry and certified partnerships with the best security product suppliers, you can trust us to deliver quality security solutions at competitive rates, regardless of whether you’re a business, a non-profit organisation or an individual looking to protect their home. From convenience stores and warehouses to schools and banks, our team have the expertise to assist you with your security needs.

Our Range of CCTV Security Systems

Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems offer a reliable source of security to protect what’s important to you. At Twenty First Century Security, we offer a wide range of quality video surveillance systems for a variety of needs, whether it be an extra layer of protection for your home or comprehensive security surveillance to prevent theft and misconduct at your business.

Our experts will help you choose a video surveillance system suitable for your specific needs, based on factors like the size and shape of the property, hidden corners and dark spots, and lighting in and outside the premises.

We’ll advise you on the available features, such as:

  • Hi-resolution colour cameras - If the area you need your surveillance system to cover is large, a hi-resolution colour camera is a good way of ensuring you capture everything and get important details such as facial features and license plate numbers.
  • Infrared cameras - Infrared cameras offer a reliable solution for night time surveillance as they don’t rely on visible light to capture media. Instead, they detect heat energy, forming images by capturing radiation based wavelengths formed by the amount of temperature an object is emitting. Of course, this is an effective way of capturing intruders who cannot hide the heat emitted from their bodies.
  • Pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras - With stationary cameras, the field of view is determined at the time of installation and can only be changed with a manual adjustment. Depending on the mounting location, PTZ cameras can offer a full 360 degree view of an area. Like the name suggests, you can pan, tilt and zoom, offering a versatile and wide range of surveillance.
  • Dome cameras - Usually compared with rectangular bullet cameras that point in a specific direction, dome cameras offer much more versatility. They can capture a massive area of surveillance, offering a panoramic view using multiple sensors and they can be customised with a variety of features such as night vision. Unlike bullet cameras, they are also discreet, low profile, weatherproof and vandal resistant.
  • Day and night cameras - These cameras operate in full colour during the day, allowing you to capture every detail and then switch to black and white mode at night, allowing for easier viewing. They use an infrared filter or mechanical cut filter to automatically adjust colours throughout the day.
  • Digital video recorders (DVRs) - DVRs are an essential aspect of your security system, allowing you to save video captured by your surveillance system into a hard drive for later viewing if needed. You can connect multiple cameras to it and in the event of a theft or suspected misconduct, you can review footage and access the evidence you may need.

We’ll assess your security needs and advise you about what kind of surveillance set up is suitable. For example, if you need to capture a large outdoor area, you could have dome cameras installed in multiple locations with infrared and pan-tilt-zoom capabilities.


Benefits of Our Surveillance Systems

The team at Twenty First Security strive to provide feature-rich surveillance systems that are effective and offer great value for money. When you purchase one of our systems, we can offer:

  • Reliable, capable and long lasting security solutions
  • Durable and weatherproof products
  • Versatile accessories to suit any of your needs
  • High speed interfaces and communication between devices
  • Interfaces that are simple to use
  • Discreet, environmentally blending options

As experienced security technicians who have been operating in the industry for decades, we have used and installed a huge range of systems that have been available in the Australian market and only choose the very best products.

Affordable Installation and Maintenance Services

On top of providing quality surveillance products, we also help our domestic and commercial customers with reliable installation and maintenance services. With over 33 years of industry experience, you can be assured that our team can install security systems in your store, office, warehouse, school, venue, club, hotel or home with the utmost professionalism.

We’ll visit your location to review, recommend, upgrade, repair and install surveillance systems throughout your premises. We can offer quality advice about what products will best suit your needs and whether an upgrade will benefit you more than a repair job. We provide all our installation and maintenance services at an affordable, competitive price. Feel free to get in touch with our technicians if you have any questions about the process.

Free Quotes in Melbourne Metropolitan and Rural Areas

If you’d like a free, no obligation quote and consultation, we’re happy to visit your premises to evaluate and discuss your security surveillance needs. Our free on-site quotes are available throughout the Melbourne metropolitan and rural areas. Simply contact us and we can schedule a time to discuss your requirements on-site.

We can also discuss your security needs in detail over the phone if you prefer. Whatever your needs, our fully licensed and trained security technicians are happy to help, always aiming to deliver high quality advice and products.

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