Crime Prevention and Security in Melbourne – What to Know and Do

Australia is without a doubt one of the safest and most secure countries in the world and the city of Melbourne is well known for being a safe and secure city. This doesn’t mean it’s free of crime though. There is unfortunately plenty of crime to keep our police at work. As citizens we all play a part in helping to prevent crime with proper security measures as outlined below. These security measures benefit us as individuals, our homes, businesses and our local community.

Opportunistic Crimes

Many burglaries are opportunistic crimes. They quickly take advantage of lapses in security. This could be an open window or an unlocked door or gate. This gives them the perfect opportunity to strike and make their move. So always ensure that your security for your home and business is secure. In addition, it’s good to use online tools and resources that provide you with statistics about crime, hot spot information and details about reporting a crime in Australia. These online tools and resources can give you an edge when dealing with what threats or security issues you may likely face in your local area.

Surveillance for Both Private and Public Use

Surveillance has become an increasingly important tool in crime detection and prevention. CCTV (closed-circuit television) is just one form of surveillance that provides you with an extra layer of security.

Improve Building Security Standards

It’s amazing how just sometimes simple improvements to your security, both at home and in business, can make all the difference in crime prevention. For instance, locks and security screens go a long way in stopping thieves in their tracks. Exterior lighting and alarm systems also go a long way in deterring thieves. Such improvements need not be difficult. Some of these improvements can be easily implemented yourself. Licensed, qualified and experienced security experts can also review your premises, advise and assist in upgrading your security.

Controlling Access

Access control is crucial to determine who gets access to a building and is useful for both your home and business premises. In addition, it’s useful for many organisations like laboratories, high security facilities, medical centres, schools etc. In addition, created barriers like fences, walls, shutters, hedges, and the overall design of a building also play a part in access control. We should all invest in some type of access control for our homes and businesses, even if just simple analogue methods of a good lock and key.

Extra Security Tips

These extra security tips provide extra assurance for both home and business security:

  • Design or modify your home to eliminate dark corners, and hidden recesses.
  • Invest in glass that’s reinforced with shatter resistant material to prevent entry. Window protectors / shutters are great to retrofit to properties for security purposes.
  • Ensure skylights can’t be easily removed from the outside.
  • Fit your main entry doors with viewing ports to allow identification of visitors.
  • Ensure that entrances are well illuminated.

As you can see, we all play part in crime prevention. There are things we can all do to help prevent crime occurring at our home or business.

If you’re looking to go in-depth even further with security for your premises, consider speaking with a qualified security system provider. They have the expertise and industry knowledge to advise you on areas where your security could be improved. They can also install security systems for you. The fully qualified team of Australian security experts at Twenty First Security are here to help with advice and security systems when you need it. Simply contact our security team now to find out more.

Stay safe, Melbourne.

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