Smart Lights for Improving Home Security

There are a lot of options for a home that can help improve its security. Resilient locks, security cameras and a protective pooch are some of the many choices Australians go by to keep their property protected.

More than a way to show off to guests about how convenient technology makes your life, LED smart lights can be an effective addition for the overall security of your home.

Using their lighting schedule functions, smart lighting can be set to turn on at specific times as set by you via your smartphone or computer. These act similar to more traditional light timers though with the added convenience of controlling them via your devices throughout your home or when you’re away. Specific 9-5 schedules could be created and lighting schedules can also be randomised. Variations can also be included alongside some standard schedules, to give the idea that people are home at random times.

Some smart lighting devices also include an “away” mode or similar. This will turn lights on and off randomly during a scheduled time frame, making it seem like someone is home and moving through different rooms.

LED smart lighting is also incredibly energy efficient compared to other traditional forms of light bulbs. Even with the standby power usage (an incredibly small amount), LED smart bulbs are great on your power bill. According to Choice, many smart LED light bulbs use similar amounts of power compared to a standard LED light bulb. The remote management and automation can be useful too for ensuring your lights are turned off when you need them to be and not drawing excess power.

Smart Light Motion Sensors

Some smart lights on the Australian market can detect nearby movement and will turn on for a set period of time. The sensitivity can be set via the connected app on your phone or computer so large insects don’t set them off.

Turn Lamps into Smart Lights with a Smart Plug

Smart plugs are powerpoint adapters that turn any standard lamp with a power plug into smart lighting. With a few of these placed throughout your house, you’ll be able to create scheduled and randomised lighting patterns. Plus, you have the convenience of controlling these devices remotely from your mobile devices or desktop / laptop computer.

Smart plugs can also assist with generally any appliance they’re attached to. They’re great if you’re away from home and want to be sure you turned something off.

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