6 Garage Security Tips to Make Your Business, Organisation or Home Safer

There’s no doubt that people can keep a lot of valuable possessions in a garage. We’ve seen individuals, families, businesses and organisations keep many different things, including cars, trucks, boats, tools, electronics, machinery, work equipment, safes and sentimental items. While a garage can provide great protection from the elements and thieves, criminals know that garages can be a treasure trove.

According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, half of all cars stolen are taken from homes, including the garages, carports and driveways. It’s sometimes not enough to have your vehicles parked in a garage – that garage needs to be secured. Businesses aren’t free from criminal activity either, with opportunistic thieves preying on easily accessible garages and sometimes, even the worst of employees can line up items to thieve.

Fortunately, securing a garage isn’t a mysterious unknown. There’s many effective methods that can be used to secure a garage. We’ve compiled a list of 6 tips to help make the garages of businesses, organisations and homes more secure and safer. These garage security tips are generally useful for commercial, government and residential garages in urban and rural environments.

Install High Quality Locks

Install high quality locks on the doors and windows throughout your garage, along with the external gates if you have them. Use locks that are hardened and hard to cut or pick.

Quality locks can dissuade, stop and slow down unauthorised access and criminal activity. Even in the event of slowing down a criminal, this can provide more time to gather footage if cameras are used or give responders an opportunity to arrive in time.

Place locks around doors so they can’t be easily ripped open from the edges or points where they aren’t secured from factory.

Locks exist that are resistant to the elements and coastal conditions. If a lock rusts considerably, a criminal could potentially be able to just force it off. A well maintained security system of locks and other features makes it harder for criminals.

Use Security Cameras and Lights

Security cameras and lights are effective at deterring and helping capture criminals.

Cameras that are visible throughout your property let people know that they are being watched. If your cameras are actively monitored, action can be taken by those monitoring the feed. Make sure that the cameras cover all entries and exits of your garage, internally and externally. A range of cameras exist on the Australian market that feature:

  • weather proofing
  • internet connectivity
  • batteries and wireless options if wired power isn’t available
  • night vision
  • low light vision
  • motion detection
  • high quality resolutions including 4K
  • a wide field of view, to capture a large area
  • footage storage options
  • real-time video feeds
  • audio recording / microphones
  • two-way audio / talk capabilities
  • expandability and integration with security systems

When recording footage, make sure that you comply with the relevant legal and privacy requirements.

Well placed lights can be an effective addition. Criminals don’t necessarily want to be lit up in the act and obvious. Place lights on exits and entries where people could attempt to break through. Motion detector garage lights are available that can suddenly light up anyone approaching your garage or rummaging around within in. Depending on your area, you’ll want to strike the careful balance between a motion sensor garage light effectively picking up every person and not every possum that strolls past. Lights can also complement camera footage, helping create a clearer well-lit picture for recordings.

Install Fences and Gates

Fences and gates around a property and garage can provide an effective barrier against criminal activity. A secure fence and gate can be a painful and time consuming obstacle for a criminal, deterring opportunistic efforts and potentially increasing the likelihood of them being caught.

Reinforced fences, walls and gates can help stop extreme cases of ram raids and stolen vehicle getaway attempts.

Check the fencing around your property regularly to make sure that there is no damage or holes.

Implement Alarm Systems

Alarm systems can be connected to garage doors and windows. If a breach or alarm condition is to occur, alarms can emit sound, create warning lights and notify. The alarm noise and lights can be enough to spook some criminals, causing them to panic and flee. The alarm notifications sent out can be in the form of phone calls, texts and application notifications, to name a few.

Alarm systems are an area that we specialise in here at Twenty First Security. If you’re in Melbourne, find out more about how we can help you with garage security alarms.

Have a Security Professional Assess Your Garage

In some cases, you may prefer to have a professional who lives and breathes security to promptly and effectively assist you with your garage security needs. This can save you time and effort, plus helps make sure that you have effective security in place.

If you require a prompt and quality garage security assessment in the Melbourne Metro area of Victoria, then Twenty First Security can help you. For over 33 years, we’ve helped Victorians enhance their security and protect what’s important to them. We know what works for businesses, organisations and residents in Melbourne through tried and tested quality products with great results. Send an enquiry to start your garage security assessment or call us on 1300 315 522 to discuss your security needs. We can review your goals, provide quality products and implement these using methods and materials that are made to last.

Read More Information about Garage Security from Victoria Police

The website of Victoria Police includes a useful page on security for your shed, outhouse and garage. While the article is orientated towards rural and farm security, a lot of the information provided on the page would be applicable for an urban or rural property that’s residential or commercial.

The police forces of the other states and territories also provide a range of information about garage security. A lot of these resources can be found online through an easy search. The security tips already provided here would be useful for almost any garage throughout Australia and parts of the world.

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