Are 4K Security Cameras Worth It?

At the time of writing this in 2021, there are some powerful 4K security camera options on the Australian market. Though rather than jumping on the 4K train already, first consumers, businesses and organisations need to be aware of the value of quality cameras over cheap options.

Ideally a security camera and system should be suited to what it’s protecting and the goals of the owner. 4K can definitely benefit users, though for many residential and business scenarios, 1080p works great.

4K Offers Extremely Detailed Footage

At such a high resolution, 4K security cameras provide an incredibly detailed image. This is fantastic for identifying finer details. This could be a license plate or a person’s face.

Good 4K Comes at a Cost

To take full advantage of 4K footage without loss, ideally you would need a 4K monitor. This is an expense to consider.

Quality of the image and the ability of the camera come at a greater cost to have at such a high resolution. A high dynamic range, which assists capturing images in low lighting, along with other features, can potentially cost more than their 1080p counterparts.

The 1080p camera market has a huge range of options at more affordable prices. There are fantastic 1080p security camera options on the Australian market today. These are well worth considering when creating a system to suit your needs.

Not Every 4K Security Camera is Created Equal

Beware that not all 4K cameras are created equal. Some can perform incredibly poorly when filming a moving subject. This can result in the subject being unrecognisable and the footage potentially useless. When selecting a 4K security camera, find out how it performs with movement, compared to other 4K cameras and cameras with a lower resolution.

Consider File Storage Space

4K footage does take up more file space. Your digital storage capacity will have to suit the quality, frames and duration of footage that you want to store.

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