How Burglars Target Homes – Is Your Home a Target?

All homes can be potential targets for burglars, so we’ve put together this useful little guide based on police research that shows you how to not make your home a target. Get the whole family familiar with it, so you’re all on the same page.

Easy Entry Points

Easy entry points are the most obvious and easiest for burglars to gain access to your home. They can be an open window, or just an easy to open window, an unlocked door, or an easy to open door like a pet door.

Your Movements

Aside from your usual going ins and going outs, burglars can monitor your social media. So, if you’re on vacation and posting pictures and updates, you’re essentially helping to make their job easier.

Your Locks

Its no-brainer that old rusty locks and low-quality locks are easy prey for burglars. Invest in quality locks. Change them immediately if you’ve moved into a new property or have been broken into previously.

Your Keys

You can be handing your home away to burglars when you do things like:

  • Handing keys to people like tradespeople and neighbours you don’t know really well.
  • Hiding keys in obvious spots like the doormat or under a pot plant.
  • Having your personal details on your keys (you could lose them or have them stolen).

Messages Left on Front Door

Messages left on doors shout ‘No One’s Home’. Just what burglars want. Tell people not to leave notes. In addition, plan to have parcels delivered when your home, so they are not left sitting on the doorstep.

No Alarm or Security System

One of the first things burglars do is check to see if you have an alarm or security system in place. These are a major deterrent. Make sure you always invest in a quality system.

Unkept Front

Things like a build-up of mail in your letter box, empty garbage bins lying on the street, unkept lawn etc can give away that you’re not home.

Protect your home from burglars by avoiding the above. For more great security tips and products to secure your home, contact our team of Australian security experts.

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